National Court sends prisoner in Elche to jail for jihadism

central security court national audience decided this tuesday admission to prison One Norwegian citizen of Iraqi descent, who was arrested on charges of jihadist terrorism in La Hoya’s Elche district last Saturday, was arrested. The arrest of the 41-year-old man was carried out on the orders of the Central Court No. 5 and the National Court Prosecutor’s Office, as part of the operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Intelligence Agency with the National Intelligence Center. The detainee allegedly tried to travel to the conflict zone in the past and allegedly used different social networks and instant messaging. exchange of jihadist-type contentAccording to the Civil Guard.

Various electronic devices were seized during a search of the home of the arrested person, and when these were analyzed, it was revealed that a large number of audio-visual materials related to the incident were found and exchanged. jihadist terrorist organizations, Where material edited by the official institutions of the Islamic State predominates.

The investigation began after the identification of a person in Alicante province who was trying to relocate to a conflict zone with a person linked to jihadist ideology in the past. intent to fight It was integrated into the ranks of terrorist organizations.

It turned out that as a result of international police cooperation, the applicant had tried to enter Syria or Iraq together with three other persons who had committed acts of violence before. Terrorist attack in Grozny (Russia) 21 people died and

16 more people were injured.

The detainee developed an intense and highly relevant propaganda activity on platforms linked to terrorist organizations such as the so-called Islamic State car. In fact, given the privileged position it has achieved, it has found itself on very limited jihadist content exchange platforms; there he had access to specialized materials, among others, a large number of publications considered “instruction manuals” for recruitment and indoctrination. other potential terrorists

The Civil Guard was able to prove in its investigation that this individual was still in progress. strict security measures He said that until now they have allowed his identity not to be revealed. The detainee also used mobile apps that allowed him to anonymize his calls. When it was possible to prove the activity that this person was developing through jihadist media platforms, an investigation was conducted with the participation of analysts from the agency.

Europol made it possible to consolidate a judicial procedure.

Source: Informacion


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