Rental price in the province of Alicante gained momentum and increased by 18.6% in the last year

find a apartment for rent it is in good condition and at an affordable price almost impossible task in the province. The increase in demand since the end of the curfew was not accompanied by a similar increase in the rate of entry of new homes into the market, which rising rents moreover, it accelerated with inflation last year.

A perfect storm situation leading to average rental cost in the province increased to 18.6% during the last one, according to the data provided by the portal photo house, compared to last May. In this way, the square meter is already paid. €8.73 or the same, a three-bedroom apartment of about 80 square meters assumes a monthly payment of about 700 euros per month. Of course, while there are notable differences between different towns and even neighborhoods, the truth is that the increase has been generalized and confirmed by local real estate agents as well, according to the portal.

With this increase, Alicante The fourth city with the highest increase in rents only behind Huelva, where the increase has reached 30.4% in the last twelve months; Segovia with 10.7%; and Cuenca with 18.9%.

A view from the city of Benidorm, where the most expensive rentals are located in the province of Alicante. David’s Revenge

Regarding the rest of the Valencian Community, Valencia rents have increased by 13.5%, but it is also true that they started at a higher price and are now 10.27 euros per metre. On your own behalf Castle It rose 12.3% to 7.3 euros.

The reason for this increase in rents across Spain must be found in the increase in demand and the decrease in available supply. Thus, in the case of the province of Alicante, people looking for a home Hire increased by 35% Compared to 2019, the number of offered apartments decreased by approximately 50%As pointed out by Fotocasa.

It’s a trend endorsed by local real estate agents like Grupo Casamayor. “everything is for rent and the rate of new residences is not meeting the demand, which has caused the existing portfolio to shrink gradually”, drawing attention to the managing partner of this company, Peter Casamayor.

Added to this is the inflation effect, which prompts many owners to increase rents on new contracts to avoid loss of purchasing power in income from tenants.


As for the four cities in which the real estate portal provides detailed information in its study, the biggest price increase was recorded in the city of Istanbul last year. AlicanteThe average rent demanded by landlords increased by 24.6% to €9.87 per metre, or around €790 for an 80-metre flat.

On your own behalf Benidorm EUR 10.52 has already been paid, 16.1% more than a year ago, and the statistics say it only covers long-term rentals. In other words, he does not think about the evolution of the prices of tourist apartments.

Development of rents by municipalities David Navarro

increases are slightly more moderate elche, even so, the average price of rentals rose 12.3% over the last 12 months to €6.57; Meanwhile alcohol According to the portal, in this case, they rose 10.3% year-on-year to 5.56 euros, although the cost decreased last month.

At the national level, the most expensive rents are paid in Barcelona, ​​with an average of 15.71 Euros per meter (1,256 Euros for an 80-metre flat), followed by Gipuzkoa at 15.56 Euros (1,244 for an average flat). ; and Madrid, 14.74 euros (1179 euros).

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