Wage inequality is rising, with three out of 10 women earning minimum wage or less

Almost three out of 10 women earn the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) or less. The gender pay gap has widened in Spain in the first year of the coronavirus epidemic, particularly among the lowest-paid strata of the Spanish labor market. The most common salary for the average Spanish worker throughout 2020 also fell slightly, marked by new low-cost hiring. 1,320 Euro gross (in 14 payments). This was noted by the INE salary structure survey released Wednesday, and in that survey, joyful in the loss of income of the affected workers and only records the official amount of the payroll.

in 2020 27.5% of women to win 950 euro gross (in 14 payments) or less, 11.9% of men in the same situation. A year ago, before the SMI increased from 900 to 950 Euros, these percentages were 25.7% for women and 11.1% for men. In other words, the proportion of low-income workers increased in both genders – an increase in SMI affected this – but more so among female workers. On the other side of the scale, 3.7% of men earned five times the SMI or more in 2020 compared to 1.9% of women.

Source: Informacion


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