USO union calls for a nine-day strike in Easyet-Spain over low cabin crew wages

USO failed to reach agreement with union easy jet At his meeting at the Confederal Mediation and Arbitration Service (SIMA) to unblock collective bargaining negotiations, which he continued with a nine-day strike call to the Spanish cabin crew (TCP). Easyjet connects Alicante-Eche airport with Great Britain and Switzerland. However, Aena ignores that the pauses could affect traffic in the area. Alicante-Elche airportSince most of Easyjet’s connections are direct with UK airports.

Call for strike for days 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 29, 30 and 31 JulyIt has six, seven and five aircraft, respectively, at the airports of Barcelona-El Prat, Málaga and Palma de Mallorca for 24 hours to bases the airline has in Spain. The company does not have a base at Alicante-Elche airport

The USO call was to be made to: 450 airline employees, as explained by union representatives. In addition, the association confirmed the airline’s willingness to continue negotiations until 30 June.

USO Secretary General at Easyjet. Málaga, Miguel Galán, currently the basic salary of airline crew in Spain 950 euroswhat are they 850 euros less than the base salary in France or Germany“touching the interprofessional minimum wage”.

“To reach the level of our colleagues in France, 80% increaseWe understand that this is impossible given the current economic situation,” he added. Therefore, the union is seeking an increase of up to around 40% of the base salary, to which the complement of flight hours will be added.

Other improvements claimed by the USO include new deal is an increase in base salaryadditional payment for seniority, salary increase according to CPI, wages for training hours, payment of maintenance costs for crew members on “refresher courses” outside the national territory.

To these measures are added flight limitation similar to that of other countries. crew rest and reconciliation includes annual renewal of all uniforms and shoes.

On your own behalf Ryanair it is trying to take advantage of the personnel crisis that some of its competitors are experiencing. The Irish low cost has announced that it will operate an additional 200 flights this summer season, according to Preferred.

He tells passengers he wants to help those affected by the crisis with this so-called expansion, which is hard to keep up with as the airline is operating at full capacity. cancellations Easyjet and British Airways and to a lesser extent Tui.

Ryanair’s spokesperson, Dara Brady, emphasizes that her company “continues to work with over 100 companies at 100%.” 15,000 weekly flightsWe have added more than 200 additional flights to our 19 airports in the UK to assist British Airways, Easyjet and Tui customers.”

The gradual lifting of restrictions on mobility due to the pandemic and the desire to travel after two years of closure, airport In the first five months of the year, it saved almost 100% of its operations in 2019. As data for last April is not officially known, the terminal served a total of 1,886,000 passengers in the first quarter. in the lowest period of the year when it matters, 830,000 passengers in March to 473,000 passengers in January.

May was beautiful, and airlines and tourist employers are keeping an eye on June, a month when doubts are high but hotel bookings are increasing day by day. In fact, Aena totaled this next weekend. 875 flights at the airport with the expectation of departure 155,000 passengers. Figures similar to the same weekend of 2019 (949 flights and 164,000 passengers) but counting passengers Russians and Ukrainians. Equal numbers between this year and the previous Saturday, 330 flightsSame as Saturday 2019. Data light-years from 2021, which lasted the same weekend 283 flights and 44,019 passengers. However, Aena sources warn that there are still planes that are not fully loaded, especially in certain destinations.

The airlines planned 12 million seats For the summer season, which starts on the last Sunday of March and continues until the end of October, representing an increase of 2.2% compared to the last closing schedule of the 2019 summer season before the start of the season.

This figure is the result of the latest regulations by the European Union. Airlinescommon in the weeks before the season starts. These data do not include the flight schedule with Ukraine and Russia, the conflict of which would draw 500,000 tourists. There are 67 thousand flights in scheduled flights, a slight decrease of only 0.2% compared to the summer season of 2019. The growth in seats is higher due to the higher capacity of the aircraft.

Europe remains the area with the most availability for this high season, with over 10 million places (2% less than in 2019). Spain has more 1,690,000 seats (29% more than in 2019)) and Africa has registered more than 336,000 seats (14% more than in 2019) as connections with various cities in Morocco such as Tetouan, Fez, Casablanca and Marrakech are rescheduled.

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