After the split of the Five Star Movement, a new parliamentary group was born in Italy

Roberto Fico, President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Five Star Movement (M5S), announced this Wednesday the birth of a new parliamentary group in his party resulting from the split caused by his former colleague Luigi Di Maio.

The new group is called ‘Insieme per il futuro’ (Together for the Future) and will consist of 50 MPs in the Lower House who followed Di Maio as he left the party.

This is the current Italian Foreign Minister, announcing last night that he is leaving the formation born in 2009 and leading its current leader until 2020 due to differences he has had with former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The struggle stemmed from Di Maio’s criticism of the “anti-caste” formation’s poor election results, and of a significant part of his leadership, who these weeks had pressured Italy to stop arming the Ukrainian resistance in favor of “diplomacy.”

“The M5S will no longer be the main political force in Parliament,” said Di Maio, announcing his departure.

If the size of the Five Star split is not approved in the SenateHe lost 50 of the 105 deputies he had in the parliament.In the seats, it was surpassed by the far-right League, the Democratic Party, and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

In addition to serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Di Maio’s new group will hold key positions in Government: he was followed by Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli; Under-Secretary of Justice Anna Macina; Foreign Minister Manlio di Stefano and South Minister Dalila Nesci.

Di Maio insisted on his determined intention to continue to support his government. mario draghi, Since January 2021, it has been supported by a coalition of all parties in the half-cycle, with the exception of the ultras of the Brothers of Italy.

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