Local products at the service of a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation

Starting next Monday, February 26 Second of gastronomy weeks The new season of “Menjars de la Terra” follows the good aftertaste of the first during its journey in Baix Vinalopó. Now it’s time VegaBajaa region with treasures a rich variety of cuisine. A cuisine inherited from the ancients, rooted in tradition, but knowing how to evolve, update and adapt to the most creative innovations.

A very diverse cuisine that benefits from the richness of the Mediterranean cuisine. Treasures of garden and seato give importance and meaning, local and seasonal productsRestaurants, their chefs, and kitchen and dining room teams who prepare the event with excitement and a desire to look good agree to define this.

They also accept to give very positive value BİLGİ initiative and Provincial Assembly We are proud to be able to reunite with these days, which highlight the gastronomy richness and diversity of the province, and to represent the gastronomy of our own region.

“Grilled artichokes, pickles, mussels, honey and thyme” from La Galería de La Mirada. INFORMATION

About the restaurant La Mirada Gallery in La Zeniais responsible for hosting the opening day next Monday the 26th. Miguel Angel MontesinosThe executive chef of the facility, located in a privileged area next to the Mediterranean, clearly states the following: «Currently the province of Alicante is at the top The importance of national gastronomy and such initiatives help position us even better. When we look at the gastronomy qualities of Vega Baja, the opportunity to have mountain, garden and seafood “at hand” comes to the fore.

They are holding an event at La Galería de La Mirada. Meticulously prepared special cuisine with traditional rootsThey prepared a menu in which they wanted to highlight “our land and sea, with citrus fruits and modern touches.” Miguel Ángel Montesinos adds: “We would like to thank the entire Menjars de la Terra team for allowing us to participate in this initiative, we are proud to collaborate to develop our region.”

“Sponge cake with almonds, egg yolk, meringue and cinnamon” from Finca Pico del Águila. INFORMATION

The restaurant’s turn will come on Tuesday, the 27th. Pico del Águila Estate, in Orihuela. your chief, José Antonio López “Pipi”“emphasizes that the INFORMATION initiative to revive the Menjars de la Terra gastronomy days, supported by the Provincial Council, is highly commendable and valuable. These days not only highlight the richness and diversity of local gastronomy, but also Promoting gastronomic tourism and strengthening the cultural identity of our province.

Inside Pico del Águila Estate They strive to offer authentic and creative dishes with an innovative twist, using local ingredients and traditional recipes. «Our approach is based on freshness, quality and respect for raw materials. Pipi says it combines contemporary culinary techniques that enhance the natural flavor of each dish. They wanted to reflect the essence and diversity of Vega Baja gastronomy in the menu they prepared specially for this day. Its offer includes a careful selection of dishes that highlight the characteristic flavors and products of the region.

“Consome with Balls” by La Caña. INFORMATION

On Wednesday, the 28th, the sessions will continue until: Old DayaTo the restaurant that has managed to gain a respectable prestige with its traditional and homemade cuisine: gray hair. Pedro Sánchez its manager and explains: “In our organization spoon platesA beautiful salad consisting of seasonal products offered to us by the Vega Baja garden and the sea nearby.

They are pleased to be chosen by “Menjars de la Terra” in La Caña. «We have a long history, we are always trying to do something traditional and homemade food as delicious as possible, and that is why we are proud that they chose us to represent the gastronomic diversity of Vega Baja,” admits Sánchez.

“Sautéed artichokes with cuttlefish” from Silvino. INFORMATION

The exhibition will arrive on Thursday the 29th in Almoradí, a town that has become a gastronomic reference in the region, and will also do so in one of its most well-known restaurants: silvino. your chief, Encarna Capdepon, highlights the fine moment of the state’s gastronomy, motivated by “our commitment to quality and diversity that distinguishes us from other culinary destinations.” They do it in Silvino authentic and traditional cuisine, very seasonal, the protagonist being artichokes. “We loyal to local cuisine, authentic and traditional. We think that INFORMACIÓN and the Provincial Council’s initiative to organize these days, which are very positive for the restaurant industry in the province, is also very good.

Finally, the closing of the gastronomy week falls on the restaurant columns of Torrevieja Oscar Paris “Head Chef believes that the most important feature of our region’s gastronomy is the use of local products in the preparation of meals. multi market cuisine It is a facility that makes the most of every period of the garden and the sea. They wanted to prepare a menu from seasonal products, «The synergy of the sea and the orchard surrounding us», says Paris. They chose anchovies, which are healthy bluefish from the sea, and artichokes, which are in season, from the garden.

“Menjars de la Terra” gastronomy days open For everyone who wants to benefit from the menus specially prepared by the participating restaurants for this day, the price is 42 Euros, including drinks and VAT. All you have to do is contact the restaurant and make a reservation. An extraordinary opportunity to taste the preparations of the participating organizations. Entertainment.

Vega Baja menus

Glance Gallery

(La Zenia)


Oyster boat.

Iberian ham with its cutter.

Cheese and sausage table.

Curry chicken samosas.

Shrimp sauce and teriyaki sauce.


Viso brand pastry.

Camarrojas coca, smoked sardine and mullet roe.

“Meneao” cod bonbon.


Grilled artichokes, pickles, mussels, honey and thyme.

Shredded wheat casserole with fennel.

Flounder and shrimp from Guardamar, citrus and pickles from Vega Baja.


Washed down with Almojabana, Formentera honey and tangerine ice cream.


Terreta white wine (Chardonnay) DO Alicante. Red wine Altos de Orihuela (Monastrell) DOAlicante. Laudum Rose (Monastrell) rose wine DO Alicante. Artisanal Cornamusa Beer.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservation: Phone 865 992 373

[email protected]

Pico del Águila Estate



Dry sausage, bread and butter station.

Camarrojas focaccia with sardines.

Chinese bread with grilled paprika and fried vegetables.

Mini balls from Vega Baja.


Heart salad with guacamole, mini artichokes, pine nuts and lemon dressing.

Sepionet gratin with artichoke and pesto.


Cod stew with vegetables from Vega Baja.

to finish:

Lemon sorbet from Finca Pico del Águila.


Almond cake, egg yolk, meringue and cinnamon.


Wines from Altos de Orihuela DOAlicante.

Waters, beers and soft drinks.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservation: Phone 677 022 227


gray hair

(Old Daya)


Sobrasada and buttered bread.

Homemade sausage.

Grilled squid.

Grilled artichokes with Iberian ham.

Green salad with artichoke and celery.


Top up the consommé.



Almojábana and Almond Cake.


Murviedro Galeam Moscato Seco white wine.

Sericis Cepas Viejas Monastrell red wine from Bodegas Murviedro.

Waters, beers and soft drinks.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservation: 966 712 749 – 686 752 039




Homemade bread with salty Selma EVOO and local tomatoes.

Artichoke sautéed with cuttlefish.

Camarrojas with sardines and free-range eggs.

Winter Salad.


Widow’s pot.

El Barquero cod with homemade fried tomatoes.


Almond cake and Almojábanas.

Coffee and tiles.


Tarima Hill Chardonnay white wine.

Red wine of Alicante Bouschet.

Estrella de Levante Beer.

Numen mineral water.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservations: 966 780 523.

[email protected]




Torrevieja anchovies soaked in vinegar on a bed of potato chips.

Mediterranean savory salad with tomatoes from the Vega Baja garden, washed down with Cornicabra EVOO from Francisco Gómez.

Artichoke Festival: Almoradí artichoke flower and stuffed artichokes grilled with PX Reduction and salt from the lagoons of Torrevieja.

Octopus skewers and La Vera grilled red pepper and garlic on potato cake.


Rice with vegetables from Vega Baja and anchovies from Torrevieja.


Almond cake and Jijona nougat ice cream.


Noble White Fruit -Sauvignon Blanc- Francisco Gómez. Noble Red Fruit – Monastrell and Syrah – Francisco Gómez. Bocanegra – Monastrell Dulce – Francisco Gómez. Brut Queen of Queens -Cava- Francisco Gómez. Estrella de Levante Beer. Fuenteliviana Juice.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservations: 965 712 398 – 644 357 666

[email protected]

Source: Informacion


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