Putting the washing machine at night is no longer the cheapest

Put washing machine with night Already not synonymous of the saving. A year after the government and the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) revolutionized the electricity bill by dividing the electricity bill. electricity price by Time consumption and when there are many consumers already adapted to their habits The so-called ‘Iberian exception’ to consume electricity at night is becoming a reality that lasts very little. this night period It is possible one of the most expensive after the busiest time of the day, between 21:00 and 22:00, the period of low prices is reduced in the afternoon, between 15:00 and 17:00.

The reason for this change is compensation for him upper limit on gas price in electricity market this higher during less consumption hours (day) than those who consume more (at night). “At night, because there is no solar energy and it is a bad hydrological year, if there is little wind, fossil energies occupy a very high percentage your generation and split the compensation for that hour among consumersalthough small, this (compensation) is very high”, explains the managing director of the Ecological Transition of the Community of Valencia, Fresh Peter.

You just need to see any of the charts about this compensation published daily by the Iberian market operator (OMIE) to understand its impact. this highest price always usually between 4 and 6 in the morning and less than come in 15.00 and 17.00 This is so because first thing in the afternoon, two things happen: the demand is greater, so the amount of compensation spreads out more, but above all, it is the period with the highest solar production and therefore the lowest fossil production. .

There may be days when this trend changes. The key is the wind because there is no sun at night. However, Fresco summer is not a particularly windy time“Unless there is a storm”, that is, predictable Nightly rates will remain high for the coming weeks for compensation. Other different things will happen in the autumn when wind power starts operating at full capacity. So the renewable percentage will likely accelerate and the compensation will be lower. “summer is not ideal What is normal for the mechanism is that it works better as the months go by,” he adds.

The price you pay for electricity a Consumer regulated by PVPC ratio fabricated three main variables: daily market price (auction), usually cheaper at night than during the day; most tolls and feeswhich is higher during the day than at night and is now limited to prevent a greater increase in the final price, and compensation cost Combined cycle plants, for the difference between the gas cap and the actual cost, which is more expensive day and night.

this the result of this equation It will depend on the fossil production amount of the day, the price of the gas and the number of consumers affected by the adjustment of the gas compensation. a day like today Cheaper to put a washing machine between 10 and 13 hours (in the middle of rush hour) than putting between 3 and 8 in the morning (valley time). “There will be no washing machine at 3am anymore, it’s better at 3pm now,” Fresco said.

A year full of changes

It took the government and the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) two years to establish the mechanism that establishes the three time slots – peak hour, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm; straight time, 08 to 10, 14 to 18, and 22 to 00, and valley, 00 to 08, holidays and weekends–. there was a system big discussion because the most consumed watches were the most expensive and the least consumed watches the cheapest, although that was precisely its purpose: promoting consumer behavior change to alleviate load curve of the electrical network.

However fatal coincidence between its enactment and its rise natural gas prices It (due to reduced influx from Russia) led the Government to maintain these episodes for less than four months (June to September). On September 14, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, with several light records on its back, introduced new measures to lower the price of the electricity bill. Among them, 96% reduction in billing feesWhat would be presumed by the cut in ‘benefits falling from the sky’ to power companies caused the outage to never be the case and to eliminate the price differentials between the hours, even though night is still the cheapest time of the day. .

In January of this year, Admin reduced this discount from 96% to 30.9% of the fares, resulting in missing time slots, although peak hours were just over the previous three months, but far from peak prices. period of June 2021. The cheapest was still night hourshowever, the first part of the afternoon (between 3:00 and 17:00) began to join later as it entered the belt. new solar energy. now he Iberian mechanism again forces the game to change, and the night just fades away as a cheap period to leave in the afternoon.

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