The agony of carriers beyond diesel

It didn’t take long for the transport industry to recover. this 20 cents per liter gasFuel prices, which took effect last April, started to rise a few weeks before the end of the month. But this is just one of the stones in the shoes of carriers, who have been overwhelmed by the rise in prices of countless essential items for their profession. “Diesel increased 40% in one year, but trucks 17%, AdBlue 300%, tires increased, raw materials…”. The protester is Secretary General José Carlos García Cumplido. Galician Freight Forwarding Federation (Fegatramer) represents 62% of the road freight transport industry and 98% of utility companies in the community. With this downpourwe should earn 50% more In order to have the advantages of that time compared to last year,” he summarizes.

Rapidly rising prices have put the industry “in a very complex situation that hampers its viability,” he complains. In addition to looking at inflation, García Cumplido has described the increase in production costs as “fierce speculation What are the big fuel distributors doing in this business? war context and there is a huge distortion in the market,” he said.

The moderately optimistic García Cumplido The rise in prices, attributable to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, is “a situational thing”He hopes it will be resolved in “seven or eight months”. However, we know that it will not be possible to reduce inflation,” he said. Road Transport National Committee (CNTC), in which it is integrated fegatramer, asked the central government for a series of short- and long-term measures to alleviate the situation in the industry. These are as follows:

  • Extend the 0.20 Euro. The entity requests an extension of the minimum bonus of 20 cents per liter or kilo (in the case of compressed gas) of fuel until the end of the year. In the CNTC’s view, such assistance should apply to diesel, petrol, gas and AdBlue.
  • Add another 0.20. The organization is asking for another 20 cents to help the transport sector with a mechanism equivalent to the return of professional diesel. Such assistance should include vehicles weighing up to the maximum allowable 7.5 tonnes, according to the organisation, and must be administered directly or through the authorization of a professional card.
  • Help transport goods. The National Road Transport Committee also requests direct assistance from freight forwarders, depending on the vehicle type. Especially 1,250 Euros for trucks and 500 Euros for pickup trucks.
  • Update shipping price. Finally, he wants the update item to increase the shipping price based on fuel cost from 30% to 40%.

The question he plans on the environment is whether there will be a new carrier strike like last March. If it does, Fegatramer will not support it. “We no longer support the old one,” says García Cumplido. “A 10-day stop represents a loss of 3,000 Euros for each carrier. We also consider our customers: shellfish, fishermen, ranchers, farmers… They are also in a very sensitive situation.“, to recognise.

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