At least 3 dead, more than 30 injured in two explosions in China

At least Three people were killed and more than thirty injured in the two explosions it shook the cities of Tianjin (northeast) and Taian (east) in the last hours, local media reported.

Around 09:30 local time (1:30 GMT) on Tuesday, an explosion occurred on the facade of a hotel in Taian. a leak from a liquefied gas tank It injured 13 people, three of whom died of their injuries shortly afterward. Caixin reported that the exact causes of the accident are still being investigated and local authorities have announced that security risks are being audited in various parts of the city.

A few hours later, at 16:45 local time (08:45 GMT), a gas explosion occurred in Tianjin’s Baodi district, injuring 23 people, three of them critically, and causing significant damage to nearby buildings. According to state television CCTV, the accident gas leak from illegal construction As a result of the explosion, the facades of many houses and businesses in the vicinity were damaged. The media cite the obsolescence of some urban gas pipelines, which have been in operation for over 20 years, as the reason for the recent increase in such explosions.

Some cities, such as Tianjin, which witnessed Tuesday’s second explosion, are renovating their gas pipeline networks. A large number of such accidents occurred in China last year: one of the most serious occurred in Shiyan (centre) in June last year, with an explosion causing 26 deaths and more than 130 injuries.

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