A famous DJ from Ibiza was accused of drugging and raping a woman on the networks

“Guy Gerber Raped Me”. Complaint of a 37-year-old woman residing in Ibiza accusing the celebrity on her social networks. Israeli DJ give him medicine chemical delivery for later sexually assault her During a party held in 2013.

The woman, who learned that OPEN CASE has not filed a police or justice complaint alleging rape of the DJ in these nine years, says she met Guy Gerber at a mutual friend’s house in Greece. Mykonoswhere the producer played on July 27, 2013. At that time, Gerber was already popular for his work in private venues. Ibiza, London, Los Angeles and New Yorkamong others.

a line

“He was finishing up DJing so I went to sit next to him and he proposed to me then, as he told me, a series of stimulants and a dose of alcohol. I thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea because I was sober,” she says on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“After about 10 or 15 minutes I saw him lean over and kiss me. I was in complete shock and wanted to push him away, but already I couldn’t move my armseven though my head is screaming. The next and last thing I remember is her putting her arm around my shoulder and taking me to her room as my consciousness fell into pitch black like a light switch,” adds the woman who launched a campaign against the wax DJ last weekend. “Now is our time” It coincides with the producer starting the season and his music tour at a famous Ibiza nightclub.

Image of the woman’s post on Instagram.

Naked, with bruises

“Four or five hours later I regained consciousness, I woke up next to him, completely confused, naked in bedwith no memory of what happened and an intense pain between her legs. Some bruises that lasted almost three days and that I still remember clearly nine years later. I managed to pull myself together (…) and escaped as quickly as possible and returned to the ship I was staying on,” he says.

Guy Gerber denies sexual assault. As CASE OPEN found out, the investigation and events channel of the Majorcan criminal lawyer Prensa Ibérica. Jaime Campersued the woman in Ibiza courts for previously slandering DJ with charges. “clearly wrong” “a significant damage” image and dignity of the producer.

Gerber’s circle criticizes that the woman “reports such serious incidents on social networks, not at the police station or in court.” Also, to do this, “nine years later and just a few hours ago, the DJ had to perform on the island.”


The woman explains that she did not report the alleged sexual assault to the police because she did not remember what happened at the time, noting that the DJ put her to sleep with “Rohypnol”, a drug used in many rapes. nullify the will of the victims: “When I got to where my friends were (where) I immediately started having an emotional breakdown as I was really confused and disoriented. At the time I had no idea what Rohypnol was or how it worked, so I had to think again to be logical. and how to use stimulants sleeping with someone I don’t want And I have no memories.”

She remembers that at the time my boyfriend called me and told me he was pregnant. terrible nightmares about me and asked me if anything bad happened. I told her what had happened… and soon separation and repression stepped in as a defense, and like many women who had these experiences, I decided to pretend it didn’t happen and move on with my life as usual.. So much so that even when I saw Guy again, I acted like nothing had happened.”

He explains his reason for making the attack public now: “My intention to continue with this is, prevent more women from being raped like me and help Ibiza be a leader in taking a stand against this toxic culture”.

consensual sex

Guy Gerber released a statement on his Instagram account explaining his version: “I was DJing very late that night and yes, I remember (her name), because he approached me a few times, trying to get my attention. I thought it was weird because I was with another man. The party went on and at some point most of the people left. He stayed with me and waited for everyone to sleep.”

The man adds: “Finally we went to one of the rooms in the villa and had sex until we fell asleep. When we woke up, she said she felt guilty for her boyfriend.. I was a little surprised because he told me they were in an open relationship. We never saw each other after that, but I saw him at least once on one of my shows.”

DJ, who claims to have lived “hell” “fully aware of his actions” when they had sexual intercourse and he said he would prove it in court. Regardless, he adds, “My support for the movement will not diminish.” #me too” and asks its viewers to “continue to believe in this important move,” which has served to publicly condemn the sexual assault cases of many women.

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