The Government assures that it will improve the conduct of State investments in Catalonia and also in Andalusia.

Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, assured that the Government will improve the implementation figures of State investments in Catalonia and Andalusia, and in fact it is already improving.

Sanchez has Opportunity to respond in plenary session of the Senate On this issue, respectively, JxCat representative Josep Lluis Cleries and Adelante Andalucía answered two questions posed by parliamentarian Pilar González Modino – a “in the past”, as the minister admits. The intervention confused both communities.

Both initiatives were right in a recent report by the State Administration General Intervention (IGAE), which is under the Ministry of Finance. The state realized 35.77% of the planned investment in Catalonia last yearWhile Madrid achieved an execution rate of 183.9%, the highest of all communities.

Catalonia was the community where more funds were left unexecuted.A total of 1,328 million euros and a lower percentage of execution, in this case Asturias (40.51%), Andalusia (41.87%) and Valencian Community (42.34%).

González Modino first asked “the reasons for the scarcity of budgeted State investments in Andalusia” and then asked Cleries “the chronic infrastructure investments of the Spanish State to which Catalonia is exposed.”

The Andalusian senator recalled the 2.039 million allocated to the budget. In 2021, 853 “not even 42%” investments were made for your community, which instead reached 184% in Madrid.

“We pay our taxes in Catalonia and the State is using them to punish us and spend them in other lands,” said the senator of Catalonia. He attributed this to the “anti-catalyst” and “centralism” of the executive.

In his responses, the Minister pointed out that an “accounting” report such as the IGAE report should be “compared” with the “real” and know that it does not reflect, for example, approved works and processing of Infrastructure projects of the complex, The Covid health crisis and the rise in raw material and energy costs may be behind these low enforcement figures.

Furthermore, the Government is “committed to the execution of investments in Catalonia”, this commitment has been “clear” since 2018, and this community is the community where the most investment projects have been realized so far this year.

“More studies are now being conducted in Catalonia than ever before,” he said.

Likewise, the current investment budget in Andalusia is 112% higher than in 2018 andTenders increased by 90% compared to that year, “The commitment to Andalusia is unquestionable and we will continue to develop procedures to improve this app data,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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