Former security guard who shot several people in Tarragona seeks euthanasia

ex security guard barricaded himself last December after shooting three friends and a mosso d’esquadra TarragonaEugen Sabau wanted to be implemented euthanasiaan injunction opposing the charge brought by the injured agent, who asked the judge to instruct the hospital to cease proceedings.

According to legal sources, the man who was taken to the Terrassa Prison Hospital, irreversible spinal cord injury After he was shot by Mossos, he asked the medical team who treated him to initiate procedures for euthanasia.

Sabau is held in the prison hospital by order of Barcelona’s 5th investigative court. awaiting trial for gunshot wounds barricaded last December at three colleagues at the Securitas offices in Tarragona and a district police agent who tried to stop him on his flight, then last December at a farmhouse in Riudoms.

According to Cadena Ser, Terrassa Prison Hospital He informed the court that he was preparing to implement the necessary protocols after the 46-year-old prisoner requested euthanasia due to his spinal cord injury and the severe pain he suffered from addiction.

However, the specific charge brought by the injured mosso d’esquadra, represented by USPAC union attorney José Antonio Bitos, has presented a briefing requesting an “immediate order” to the court. Terrace Prison Hospital “to stop any activity” aimed at achieving euthanasia until the decision is made.

“I Can’t Avoid Judgment”

In a letter to which Efe had access, the lawyer claims that Terrassa Hospital “cannot reach in any way”. deciding on a researcher’s life He was arrested by court order.

“A murderer, or the default in this case escape neither court nor conviction By euthanasia”, it should thus be the court that accepts “all necessary safeguards to avoid them”.

In the view of the special prosecutor’s office, he adds, the ultimate purpose of pre-trial detention is “nothing but to bring an investigated or accused person to justice. It would be an unfair decision to euthanize the prisoner by someone charged with ensuring that he or she is ready for court.”

In addition, the summary states that the court’s obligation “protect the life of the researched, more” and in this case “the fundamental right to the effective protection of victims prevails, which means a trial of certain facts and a judgment on the merits”.

Source: Informacion


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