Italian Foreign Minister left M5S, causing its split

this italian foreign minister Luigi di Maio announced his departure 5 Star Movement (M5S) leader and former prime minister Giuseppe Conte forced the party to split, as several dozen parliamentarians were willing to follow suit, including arms shipments to Ukraine.

Di Maio, who was at the helm of the M5S from 2009, when it was born, to 2021, after a day of tension, called the media to a hotel in Rome, without saying the figure to himself and several of his colleagues.They left their party and started a new path.

Tensions between Di Maio and the M5S leadership, especially Conte, has been going on for a long time and has various causeshowever, what is essentially presented and compelling the total rupture is that a section of the party is opposed to sending more weapons to Ukraine, at least without parliamentary approval.

“We absolutely had to choose which side of history we would be on: with an attacked Ukraine or with an aggressive Russia. The positions of some M5S leaders risked weakening our country.”

Di Maio said that, given the situation due to the war in Ukraine, “a united Europe is needed and this depends on united governments” and therefore “it is necessary to leave the debates behind and support the Government”. “.

Criticizes some members of M5S for acting “irresponsible” At a time like this when it is necessary to support “European and Atlanticist” values.

Di Maio appears to have no intention of submitting his resignation as Foreign Minister, and neither does the Italian Prime Minister. Mario Draghi, Acknowledge your departure immediately.

The “wonder boy” of the M5S and the youngest foreign minister in Italian history has announced the formation of a new group to be represented in the House of Representatives, called “Together for the Future”. The group got confused in the Senate.

While the parliamentarians leaving the M5S have yet to be counted, the party will no longer be the largest parliamentary group and will be Matteo Salvini’s far-right League, as Di Maio explained.

Some analysts explain that Di Maio’s decision will also weigh in on the intervention of M5S founder comedian Beppe Grillo, who decided to support Conte, to put Di Maio out of the game to limit members of the movement to two terms. The next elections scheduled for 2023.

M5S has been experiencing crises and divisions for years, but the conflict remained hidden to some extent Until last week, Di Maio harshly criticized Conte for the dismal results of the municipal elections.

A meeting of the M5S National Council was held on Sunday night, one of the party’s various executive branches, made up of various representatives, such as the heads of the Parliamentary groups. He said he brought “serious discredit to the entire political community of the M5S” and even circulated the possibility of deporting him.

Today, Di Maio left M5S after four continuous years as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Labour, Economic Development and Deputy Head of Government, but this does not appear to affect the Government as the new group will continue to support Draghi.

After what has happened, Draghi may still have a majority if the M5S decides to leave the governing coalition.

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