Stellantis Vigo needs 600 million investment for new industrial platform

this Stellantis’ new industrial platform It remains the primary target of the Vigo factory for the electric vehicle called STLA. And the investment is already defined. The director of the facility, Ignacio Bueno, informed the media that the required investment is around 600 million euros. “These are significant investments in both capital goods and the development of facilities and products,” he said. Visit of Xunta president Alfonso RuedaThis assured that the facility would “continue to receive help” from Xunta.

The investment left out of the Electric and Connected Vehicle Division is the cornerstone that Stellantis Vigo wants to secure for its future. “Stellantis Spain wants to be part of the future project of Stellantis electric vehicles“, Bueno commented on the company’s project to implement STLA in their factories.

The plant manager made these remarks after meeting with Rueda, who visited the assembly shop and held a meeting to discuss the plant’s most pressing issues.

According to Wheel, Galicia and Vigo “must remain reference” in the automotive sector and therefore the Government should provide some assistance outside of Perte for the plant to achieve its purpose. “We will insist on the need and hope they can access the funds. Next generation‘ he pointed.

Rueda was accompanied by Francisco Conde, First Vice-President and Minister for Economy, Industry and Innovation, María Jesús Lorenzana, Minister for Employment Promotion and Equality, and Marta Fernández-Tapias, Xunta’s regional delegate in Vigo.


Bueno, on the other hand, Fiat Doblo that they will go into production early next month and microchip crisis next year it will also be prolonged, but its effects are less than in the first months of the year. “The trouble is not over,” Bueno said.

However, Bueno reinstatement of weekend shifts corresponding to approximately 1,400 jobswon’t be real until at least 2023. “Unfortunately, we can’t do that until there is certainty,” he explained.

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