Amnesty International thinks it has been proven that Greece is responsible for the shipwreck that killed more than 600 people

The NGO Amnesty International (AI) assured this Monday that: There is enough evidence to hold Greek authorities accountable Last June, a migrant boat sank off the city of Pylos and caused the death of more than 600 people.

“Consistent and credible allegations implicate the responsibility of the Greek authorities and the Hellenic Coast Guard in the devastating sinking of the ship Adriana and the deeply flawed rescue response that resulted in the tragic loss of more than 600 lives,” he said. researcher Adriana Tidona.

Moreover, he also showed himself Frustration with ‘lack of responsibility’ after eight months and to survivors and relatives of victims of “a preventable disaster” for “denying the truth.” “While reports of violent expulsions of migrants at the country’s borders continue unabated, there is little evidence that Greek authorities have learned from this unacceptable loss of life. It is imperative that authorities be held accountable in the wake of this disaster,” it added.

He therefore requested European institutions “to intensify their efforts to ensure that any funding for migration management in Greece does not contribute to human rights violations”; All this before the European Parliament’s next hearing on the consequences of migration. This shipwreck that will happen on February 14th. Likewise, the NGO asked the European Union to establish “independent and effective” mechanisms to monitor compliance with Human Rights in border operations and search and rescue operations in order to prevent “new loss of human life”.

About 600 people reported dead or missing Due to the sinking of a fishing boat off the coast of the town of Pylos in the (southern) Peloponnese region in mid-June 2023 More than 100 migrants were rescued By the Greek Coast Guard.

Greek authorities They claim the ship refused all assistance. and maintained that he was not at risk until shortly before the capsize, but data analyzed by the British BBC network from the MarineTraffic portal appears to reveal navigation problems amid growing criticism of the Greek Coast Guard for its conduct during the incident.

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