Civil Guard starts using taser pistols in Alicante

this Civil Guard purchased 150 Axon-branded, power-reducing electric guns—commonly known as taser guns—six of which would be used by Alicante Citizens’ Security (Usecic) agents. After the official reception last April, the devices went through a series of tests to evaluate their operational performance and define their usage procedures.

After these evaluations were completed, the personnel of the first units, where the first batch was distributed, were provided with training in May and June to be employed. After the personnel were trained, they started operational service with the new material last Monday. Based on experience in these units, it will be gradually expanded to other units.

Taser pistols form a new tool integrated into the Civil Guard’s operational response plan. gradual use of power. The ultimate goal of the system is to continuously improve the operability of civil guards and to guarantee security in their response.

The hardware of these new non-lethal devices is a record The action that allows for graphically documenting the interventions in which they are used, to guarantee the legal certainty of the actions.

Source: Informacion


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