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More than half (63%) of Russians over the age of 22 celebrate Valentine’s Day. Only 3% of respondents have negative feelings about this holiday. The remaining 34% are neutral on this issue and do not mention it. This is demonstrated by a study on the Cuckoo platform, the results of which were reviewed by

According to the survey, 30 percent of those who do not celebrate February 14 have no one to share this day with. 29% believe this holiday was invented by marketers to sell more flowers and chocolates. 15% prefer to celebrate only Russian holidays – for example, Peter and Fevronia Day. The rest either do not like holidays in general or do not like the concept of February 14. Only 1% of this day reminds you of past failed relationships.

35% of respondents believe this holiday is only for those in romantic relationships. The rest of Russians over 22 are confident that you can congratulate not only your lovers, but also your friends and family members (22%), and everyone who is near and dear to you – including you, you can pamper yourself (43%).

More than half (53%) of respondents spend Valentine’s Day with their partners, 38% celebrate February 14 with family, 7% with friends, and 2% of respondents go on dates with themselves.

The research also showed that by February 14, one in four people (25%) spent up to 1 thousand rubles on gifts. 38% of respondents are ready to spend from 1 to 2 thousand rubles on Valentine’s Day. 28% will leave flower, souvenir and confectionery stores from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. 7% of Russians can afford to spend more – from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

On February 14, the symbol of love, care and attention was “Valentine’s Day” – a small card, usually in the shape of a heart. “Cuckoo” found that 12 percent of Russians over 22 still give Valentine’s Day cards. The vast majority (73%) only gave each other Valentine’s Day gifts at school and university. 15% have never done this.

One in three people surveyed (33%) believe it is possible to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. One in four people (25%) plan to spend a romantic evening at home with their loved ones. 15 percent will go to the theatre, cinema or concert. One in ten (10%) plan to organize a holiday photo shoot or attend a creative masterclass in painting or pottery. Active and athletic 7% will ski, skate or snowboard.

The results also showed that what people over 22 like most on this day is to give chocolates, candies and other nice little things (28%), spend romantic evenings (27%) and give Valentine’s Day cards (11%).

February 14 stands out for its special atmosphere: everything around turns red and pink, public places are decorated with balloons and hearts. 89% of respondents said they noticed this. However, only 40% of respondents over the age of 22 like it. 5% stated that this situation was making them increasingly uncomfortable, and 44% stated that they did not consider buying anything from there, even though they saw the holiday periods.

When asked whether Russians could celebrate this Western holiday, 72% of respondents answered in the affirmative. The rest are split between those who believe Russia’s own holidays are adequate (14%) and those who don’t care (14%).

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