IO Interactive is a prestigious Danish video game studio responsible for the ‘Hitman’ series, the ‘Kane & Lynch’ series and the adorable ‘Mini Ninjas’. It opened a second studio in Malmö, Sweden, following the opening of its headquarters in Copenhagen, and has recently opened new facilities in Barcelona as part of its ambitious expansion plan for the coming years. The three studios act as a whole, equally sharing decisions about the development of video games or the line of work to follow.

The Hitman series is the stone on which a studio is built, reaching millions of players worldwide from Europe. The first game was released for PC in 2000 and has had several sequels since then. The series starring the iconic Agent 47, along with numerous titles for consoles and PCs, was adapted for the big screen in two installments in 2007 and 2015, although the reality was that it did very well. good at the box office

A constantly growing company

Eduard Lopez Plans is the head of IO Interactive Barcelona. After working as a programmer in different studios, he is currently the Head of Studio in the Catalan delegation. Besides working on the ‘Hitman’ series, the studio is immersed in ‘Project 007’, a title encompassing a major project that has yet to materialize and the program aimed at rescuing the figure of James Bond in video games. announced as of now.

Opening a studio in Barcelona brings a lot of work. According to Eduard Lopez, “it was quite adventurous, but a lot of fun. Basically, the job was to find the right people and the right position.” “We’re still looking for more people and we’re continuing to work on building this studio,” added a studio that is still growing.

According to the developer, the short-term goal is to discover talent, study it, and help define the games IO makes. “We’re here to stay, we’re going to build a strong team around the world. The people who work with us will influence the way video games are made in the future.” Choosing a city like Barcelona was not a difficult decision. The interactive entertainment industry has matured a lot in recent years and they see Barcelona as an attractive place to live and work. “There is a lot of potential in the city with talented and well-educated people,” Eduard López concluded.