Major corporations and leading technology companies collaborate with Alfonso X el Sabio University to create the first Faculty of Business and Technology in Spain

Alfonso institution educational, giving rise to the Faculty of Business and Technology.

It is the first faculty in Spain to combine education in business and technology, educating students with the knowledge of how to apply and lead technology into the business world, generating business ideas that are effective, scalable and responsive to real-world needs.

“The speed at which enabling technologies are adopted is revolutionizing business models, relationships between company and customer, or the way we learn. It also profoundly transforms professions and We have a responsibility since university. It is to prepare students to understand technology with purpose and fully integrate it into their profession,” said Isabel Fernández, rector of Alfonso X el Sabio University.

Technological advances have been the engine of change in the business world in recent years, allowing companies to innovate, grow and remain competitive in an ever-evolving labor market. A convergence between both fields leading to the full integration of technology into business management, transforming companies and professions and creating talent needs Qualified in new digital and technological capabilities.

Alexandra Hernández López, Director of Santander Universities Santander X, emphasizes: “We have transformed into a company driven by technology. To ensure our growth and our contribution to global development, we need professionals who are ready to participate in this new scenario.” María Ruibal, head of People and Culture at Orange Bank, reinforces this idea: “IT has ceased to be a support and has become part of our core business.”

The School of Business and Technology is the result of the development of the UAX educational model and methodologies aligned with the talent demands of the labor market, which has been offering degrees in these fields, among others, for 30 years. That is why this faculty integrates degrees such as Artificial Intelligence and Computing, Business Analytics, Mathematical Engineering, Physics, Marketing, Law or ADE. Technological degrees are compulsorily included A certificate in business, such as a Mathematical Engineering Degree with a Digital Business Certificate; business degrees include a technology certificate such as the Certificate in Technology to Support Transformation and a Degree in Business Administration.

Pilar Villacorta, Director of IBM’s Academic Sector for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, emphasizes that “it is important to promote the practical training of students, as knowledge of technology requires knowing what its application in a field entails”; Eva García, KPMG Partner responsible for KPMG Lighthouse in Spain, emphasizes: “Students must be prepared to be flexible and know how to adapt to the changes the market is undergoing.”. “We don’t know what will happen in the coming months”; Manuel Abellán, Microsoft’s Director of Higher Education and Universities in Spain, assures: “It is very important to collaborate with educational institutions on initiatives that help train qualified talent with the skills that companies really need. UAX is responding to this demand with its new Faculty of Business and Technology.” “He was able to detect it.”

This need is answered by the UAXmakers methodology, where students work on real projects in line with the 2030 Agenda targets together with leading companies such as Quirónsalud, CaixaBank, Avanade, Ecoalf or Telefónica. The Faculty of Business and Technology also provides support to students throughout their studies. mentors and coaches and provides you with experiences together with the world’s leading companies, organizations and professionals, inspiring them to find their professional calling and turn their purpose into reality.

New Campus

Faculty of Business and Technology degrees are awarded at the more than 30-year-old UAX campus in Villanueva de la Cañada and now at the new vertical urban campus next to Madrid’s business and financial center at Arapiles 13.

In these facilities, UAX creates an ecosystem where students, researchers, startups, companies and investors coexist, encouraging their learning through dialogue and the development of joint projects. To this end, UAX’s new Arapiles campus has 12,000 square meters spread over 18 floors and features spaces such as Liquid Studio, a shared space with established companies and startups on campus, where students can collaborate with professionals and create innovative projects. and active managers; Fab Lab, equipped with state-of-the-art devices for the development of computer technology projects, 3D printers, laser cutters, robots or virtual reality design; or the Rooftop, a rooftop with 360-degree views of Madrid that will inspire students and professionals on the new campus.

With this new building, UAX completes its facilities and offers a multi-campus experience and integration and proximity to the business world in this new building for its students, who can enjoy American-style university life at its campus in Villanueva de la Cañada. Right in the heart of Madrid.

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