Police arrested the woman who had a stroke after thinking she was drunk 22:35

Traffic cops in Washington state arrested a woman who suffered a stroke while driving; The detainee spent almost a day in solitary confinement without medical assistance. This was reported by Metro.

In Washington’s Thurston County, police mistake a drunk driver for a stroke; The woman was taken into custody and held in the county jail for almost a day. Despite the American woman’s nausea, vomiting and inability to move independently, her ambulance call was rejected. When the woman was taken to the hospital, doctors had to perform emergency surgery due to a brain hemorrhage.

The American spent almost a month in hospital; He said he was driving and didn’t feel well, so he reduced his speed. Noticing the slow-moving car, the police requested a stop. The woman, who began to have speech and coordination problems due to the paralysis, was rudely detained by the police, thinking she was drunk, and was mocked at the police station.

A woman filed a lawsuit against the police, demanding punishment for those involved in her arrest.

previously naked passenger was attacked at a police officer at the airport.

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Source: Gazeta


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