USA stopped using, producing and purchasing antipersonnel mines

The US government announced on Tuesday it was giving up. use, manufacture and purchase antipersonnel minesIt largely complies with the 1997 Ottawa convention, ratified by 164 countries, excluding the United States, China, India, and Russia.

The White House reported in a phone call that the decision reflects the stance of the US president. Joe Bidenthose who think that antipersonnel mines have an effect “disproportionate” in the civilian population, including children, after the conflict is over.

The commitment made by the US Government today brings the country into compliance with most of the requirements of the Ottawa Convention, but does not constitute ratification of the agreement.

Korean exception

The US abandonment of anti-personnel mines, in fact, notable exception: the Korean peninsula, Where the US keeps the possibility of using such explosive devices open.

South and North Korea were at war between 1950 and 1953, when they signed an armistice, but the official end of the conflict was never declared, so technically, both countries are still at war.

The United States, which participated in the conflict on the side of South Korea, resides in a country while this country has one of its main allies in Asia. a permanent state of tension with the communist regime North Korea.

The exclusion of the Korean peninsula from the new US policy on antipersonnel mines fully responds to what the US sees as an “exceptional situation” and, above all, assures South Korea to maintain its support and ensure its security. the Allies.

destroy the reserves

The waiver of antipersonnel mines decided by Biden occurs at five specific points: first, not to develop, manufacture or purchase antipersonnel mines.

Second, not to export or transfer mines unless necessary for activities related to the detection or destruction of mines or for demining missions.

The third measure is not to use antipersonnel mines outside of the Korean peninsula; and fourth, not to encourage, encourage or encourage anyone to engage in any activity prohibited by the Ottawa Convention, again with the exception of the Korean peninsula.

Finally, the fifth measure Destroy all antipersonnel mine stockpiles It is not necessary for the defense of South Korea.

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