Wyoming celebrates Vox’s entry into Andalusian government: “This is the village of Smurfs, not trolls”

With his unique sense of humor, ‘Search’ He also analyzed the results of the Andalusian elections this Monday. The laSexta program not only highlighted Juanma Moreno’s absolute majority victory, but also sound stays out of the Andalusian parliament after his landslide victory. PP.

Greater Wyoming referred to the Andalusian president: “man of the time”because it “was able to achieve an absolute majority in a time that seemed impossible and in a community where the PSOE has ruled for 37 years”.

The presenter pointed out that in just four years, the autonomous community has changed the color red to blue. “No longer Andalusia, now the village of the Smurfs,” he joked before throwing darts at the far-right party: “It’s not that bad. The alternative would be Vox go into government and then it would be a village of trolls”.

Possible cycle change at the national level was another of the issues analyzed by the laSexta field. In Moreno’s own words, the outcome of the Andalusian elections “Has a direct influence on the Spanish Government”. “I believe Feijóo is much closer to assuming the possibility of becoming head of Government,” he said.

Wyoming was much more cautious, remembering that the general election was more than a year away: “The course of the new roaring 20s, anything can happen in this time”.

“PSOE could rise in the polls, the PP could go into a civil war, or most likely: on election day some aliens abduct the president, take control of Moncloa and end democracy. Vox, which I would go on to say that outsiders came to steal jobs from the day laborers.“He commented on the show.

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