The doctor told how to prevent kidney damage due to cold Therapist Asanov: Cold on the legs can damage the kidneys 15:41

Acute respiratory viral infection of the legs may last several weeks and be accompanied by alternating improvement and worsening. In an interview about this Public News Service said Timur Asanov, a therapist at the Vidnovsky Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region.

“The most common consequence of a viral infection in the feet is the development of a bacterial infection. The truth is that viruses weaken our bodies. Against this background, the immune system is no longer able to control even conditionally pathogenic bacteria living on the mucous membranes. They begin to multiply uncontrollably and cause serious diseases. “The following diseases most often occur against the background of ARVI: pneumonia, bronchitis including chronic bronchitis, otitis media, sinusitis,” Asanov explained.

Most often, pneumonia and bronchitis occur against the background of ARVI. Otitis and sinusitis also often develop, which can lead to infectious damage to the brain. Arrhythmia or cardiomyopathy may also develop. If a person does not drink enough water (common among those with cold feet), they are at particularly high risk of kidney damage. This is because they have to filter blood intensively when they get sick. In rare cases, severe inflammation can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases, including rheumatism.

According to Asanov, the first three days of the disease should be spent in bed, in a well-ventilated room with high humidity (40-60%), exertion should be avoided, plenty of warm liquids should be drunk and only light foods should be consumed.

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