Russian tourist said he encountered the ‘sauce of prohibitions’ in North Korea 15:07

Russians who visited North Korea for the first time after the pandemic were not allowed to leave the hotel and take photographs of some objects. A member of the tourist group Ilya Voskresensky told about this. He stated that he liked the prohibitions; This is the only way to truly feel the atmosphere of a closed country.

“I wanted to feel the authenticity of a closed country. I liked that we weren’t allowed to film, I liked how the streets of Pyongyang looked; It was 7:30 in the morning and the streets were empty. The host party was very welcoming, the guides were as good-natured as can be, ready to help and answer questions. But all this was decorated with some prohibitions. They were not allowed to leave the hotel, they were not allowed to constantly take pictures of anything, they were answering questions, they were avoiding reality, the essence of the problem. For example, when asked why we couldn’t leave the hotel, the excuse was that we didn’t know Korean.”

Voskresensky emphasized that the Masikren ski resort is unsafe because the North Koreans have no experience in building ski slopes. According to him, there are many “gaps” in the resort that need to be addressed.

“This resort cannot be compared to other resorts because it is being built outside global practices. They are trying to establish their own ski resorts. This can be seen in the way the pieces are arranged. Fences are installed that are absolutely unsafe for skiing; A person speeding over 100 km/h on the highway can easily crash into these fences. I still loved the ski resort because I had never seen anything like it before. This is the advantage of traveling to such a country. But if we talk about the realistic development of a ski resort, then there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled: from how the meal in a restaurant is organized to how the price of the ski pass is structured.” .

On February 9, the first Russian tourist group, consisting of 100 people, went on vacation to the Masikren ski resort in North Korea. The tour lasted four days – on February 12, the group returned to Vladivostok. According to the information received area According to tour operator company Vostok Intour, the trip cost $750; this included an entry tourist visa, flights and accommodation in four- and five-star hotels.

The head of the travel company Inna Mukhina in a conversation with statedHe said the Russians were pleased with the tour and wanted to repeat it. He explained that the Masikren ski resort “impressed even the professionals” who came from Russia with their equipment. Muhina also reportedIt was stated that the tourist group was accompanied by North Korean guides always and everywhere, but they were not supervised.

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Previously known in DPRK will appear A tourist area for Russians.

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