China will investigate Police actions regarding the brutal beating of several young people against a group of women in a local area.

Chinese authorities will investigate the city’s Police. Tangshanin the north of the country for alleged misconduct in a case Attack on some women who are again sending messages of support to the #MeToo movement at the Asian giant.

A video showing violence Attack on some women sitting in a restaurant on June 10. The spread of obscene content displaying overt aggression has caused other women to share their own stories on social networks, including members of the popular CKG48 gang.

Hebei Province Anti-Corruption Department confirmed five officers being investigated for “serious disciplinary violations”, According to state television, among them at the time of the incidents was the district police chief Ma Aijun.

Authorities did not reveal the exact reason for these accusations, Social networks have been flooded with criticism of the Police after the video went viral following nine arrests in the aftermath of the attack, Bloomberg agency reported.

In addition, some journalists filed a criminal complaint. access restrictions to Tangshan to collect information, due to restrictions imposed to contain the so-called COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chinese ruling party has sought to shut down the #MeToo movement and indeed the ‘China Daily’ newspaper since its inception in the United States.He argued that the Tangshan affair could be interpreted as “a form of hostility between the sexes”.

Source: Informacion


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