Another life for failed crops

A. second life for uprooted fields due to lack cost effectiveness put this agriculture from the state. babysitters Pomegranate, citrus, palm, olive and carob trees, which until recently filled the fields with fruit for harvest, are harvesting more densely than ever. Your goal is now ornament And gardens. They are reused to decorate residences, chalets or public spaces. Since 80% of the production in Alicante nurseries is for export and half goes abroad, most of this goes to other countries. Europe and other countries like Arap emiratesChina, Japan and Indonesia are where orders increased by 15% to 20%, according to Francisco Agulló, president of the Association of Companies Producing Nursery Plants of the Province of Alicante.

lack of water And generation relief, joined low prices Yet unfair competition It condemns farmers to give up their fruit trees and find another way out. Until now, one of the most common destinations for abandoned trees was firewood.

Another increasingly powerful option is to turn to babysitters. They remove the samples and leave the fields clean. In some cases, these lands are leased to third parties to test other crops or convert them into solar power plants. In many other cases, lands remain abandoned.

The complex landscape of agriculture has triggered a greater supply of fruit trees from the market for ornamental plant producers and dealers. sueSo much so that, according to Agulló, 70% of the plantations created by nurseries already come from rural areas.

Olive trees in the nursery prepared for ornamental use. | AXEL ALVAREZ

Work with startup and sales

A situation indicating increased volume in the Cambayas cooperative has been reconfirmed. abandoned cropsSo much so that nursery children cannot absorb all of these.

«We reuse raw materials and beginning, producing and the sale of samples obtained from agriculture,” says the president of the association, which includes over forty businesses across the province.

HE last example The change in the use of these trees occurred on a farm in Albatera where they were mined. 1,500 pomegranatesThey are in a nursery in Elche, waiting to take root elsewhere, but as ornamental trees.

after that to get better After they are ready for ornamental use in pots that will last for one to two years, they will be ready to return to the soil, that is, to the garden.

Lemon trees obtained from an agricultural land whose target will be gardens. | AXEL ALVAREZ

A land plot of the municipality of Elche Date Producers Association, will also see hundreds of palm trees destroyed on a farm in Asprillas next month. Since growing the fruits does not provide the desired benefit to the owners, the samples will be sold to nurseries.

These are just two examples that show the future of two industries that, due to current conditions, are increasingly walking hand in hand.

hardy species

droughtIt has increased interest with its effects spreading across the country and reflecting on every part of the planet. mediterranean plantBecause of its tolerance to high temperatures and water scarcity, the nursery explains.

In addition to these qualities, the durability of the trees during transportation, their quality, price and the trust that the province’s nursery sector has gained in the region also conquers the international market. EastAccording to the president of the association.


That rise export This is what is saving, for now, an industry that is facing major obstacles. Turnover fell between 15 percent and 20 percent. HE blockade of the Red Sea It has led nurseries to double container prices from €3,000 to €6,000 and triple the time it takes for their products to reach their destination, from 30 to 90 days.

Rising production costs are also hurting ornamental horticulture businesses. According to the employer association, they are approaching a 35% increase. This meant that the final price for buyers increased by 15%. “We absorb 20 percent of the need” cost increase because otherwise we cannot be competitive, and to overcome this situation we also rely on the reuse of materials and new techniques,” explains Francisco Agulló, marking 2024 as “an important year for kindergarten” because it will serve to reveal what is valid for the sector in the short term .

The only encouraging thing compared to Andalusia and Catalonia is water restrictions, the fact that the collector reservoirs are still above the level does not cause a supply problem for now. «We save ourselves here because we know how to use water better than other communities. We’ll see what happens next year,” concludes the representative of the plant manufacturers.

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