Aefa and Banco Sabadell sign an agreement to promote family business access to Next Generation funds

this Family Business Association of Alicante Province (aefa) and Sabadell Bank they signed an agreement partnership to facilitate access by family businesses European funds New Generation To facilitate the financing of projects developed with European aid and to support family businesses in the province in the management of this aid.

President of Aefa attended the signing ceremony of the agreement, Maite Antonand Banco Sabadell’s Eastern Regional Director, Fernando Canos. Prior to the deal, the Aefa board met with Banco Sabadell representatives to communicate the basic needs of family businesses in the province and what aspects of finance and management need to be strengthened to consolidate their recovery and economic growth.

Aefa president thanked Banco Sabadell for his support of Alicante family businesses. “We are in a time,” said Antón. economic recovery not yet stabilizedand factors such as inflation are likely to slow the pace of recovery. It is therefore essential that our family businesses have the necessary advice and funding channels to access the assistance that allows them to continue operating.”

On the other hand, Banco Sabadell’s Eastern regional manager said, “European funds, chance Brilliant for supporting the recovery and transformation of our economy, where companies in the province of Alicante must play an important role. In this process, the capillarity and mechanisms currently provided by Banco Sabadell may differ in acting as a catalyst for assistance and supporting the diversion of funds to SMEs and consumers, highlighting our involvement”.

With this agreement, Banco Sabadell will facilitate and assist Aefa’s subsidiaries in accessing the assistance implemented by the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The European Recovery Fund aims to encourage the creation of recovery and transformation plans aimed at promoting sustainability and digitalisation.

Aefa was founded in 1995 on the initiative of a group of 32 family businessmen from the province of Alicante. It was the first family business association created in Spain, following the example of the National Institute of Family Business created two years ago. Among its main objectives is the protection and continuity of the interests of family businesses. Currently, the business exceeds wholly owned subsidiary.

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