Solarprofit promotes battery-powered solar installations to bring electricity bill to zero cost

Solarprofit company specializes in its installation. photovoltaic solar panelsIt plans to increase its turnover from 39 million in 2021 to 110 million this year. hand in hand with the boom in electricity self-consumption and rising energy prices, sponsored by aid.

According to the Llinars del Vallès-based firm, key to this growth will be public assistance for the installation of solar panels, as well as the introduction of next-generation batteries where appropriate. capable of carrying electricity bill zero customers. Although Solarprofit started its operations in 2020, it is currently the leader in the photovoltaic market with a 13% share. The average cost of installing solar panels in Spain is around 7,000 Euros. This typical installation by one means reduced dependency on the network, which can reach 80%, resulting in significant savings in electricity bills. But installing batteries can lead to the seamless existence of disconnected homes. Solarprofit calculates that the amortization periods of the facilities have been reduced to approximately 4-5 a savings rate of approximately 800 Euros per year in electricity.

The company, which has more than a thousand employees, adapts facilities to the needs of customers, from domestic consumers to companies. Its clients include companies such as Lidl, Mahou, Reig Jofre, Novartis, Audens Food, Nissan, Almirall, ESTEVE or Postres Reina. To facilitate the installation decision, Solarprofit helps to process possible subsidies and necessary permits.

Founded by Roger Fernández and Oscar Gómez, Solarprofit started its operations in 2007 as an engineering company to support the planning and management of photovoltaic project purchases. By the end of 2021, the company had its own offices in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, the Community of Valencia, the Basque Country, Andalusia and Galicia. In 2022, a new and 11 more delegations will be opened.

market trend

Photovoltaic solar power installed in Spain has tripled in the last three yearsand forecasts suggest that the trend will continue to rise in 2022. The aid and subsidies encouraged by the government are part of the explanation, but the rise in electricity prices, the rise in electricity prices, was one of the reasons that weighed the decision more. consumers bet on photovoltaic solar power. In addition, the increase in electricity prices doubled the interest of the business world in self-consumption. Since the company detects this situation, it accelerates the decision-making process by forcing the demand, and thus the indecision among the customers is reduced.

14 December 2021 Solarprofit goes on sale BME Growth Successfully closed its 184 million euro stock subscription and sale offer with a 20 million euro capital increase. Oscar Gómez and Roger Fernández sold a total of 640,341 shares. After the capital increase, the company is represented by 217 shareholders (excluding treasury stock). Thus, Solarprofit’s founders control 88.90% of the group capital, while 10.88% is in the hands of new investors.

The purpose of the IPO is to further increase the growth of the company.. Solarprofit therefore wants to accelerate its business plan and consolidate itself as the largest self-consumption company in Spain. The target for 2024 is to exceed 65,000 residential installations and to reach a cumulative 100 MW capacity in the industrial zone.

Solarprofit has signed an agreement with Banc Sabadell to offer more than 200,000 customers with single-family homes the opportunity to install photovoltaic solar panels, thereby promoting their own energy consumption. That’s why, thanks to this collaboration, Banc Sabadell launched a special scheme that allows customers with single-family homes to finance 100% of the installation of energy-efficient solutions for up to 120 months, with an APR of 5.12% and no opening. It makes commissions through its consumer finance subsidiary Sabadell Consumer Finance.

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