Petro’s victory expands the sphere of influence of progressivism in Latin America

unspeakable senator Brazilian far-right, Eduardo BolsonaroHe posted a South America map on Twitter. Colombia marked with hammer and sickle symbol After Gustavo Petro’s electoral victory. Common sense hardly indicates that Colombia will join the progressive wave, which includes: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and for a nominal subject only, Peruthe rules of Pedro Castillo, which cannot be classified, in addition to this Mexican Y Honduras. Polls predict that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will win the election against Jair Bolsonaro and Brazil will join in. Left He expressed in different degrees of proportionality in the region. in turn, they Cuba, Venezuelan Y Nicaragua. They would simply remain on the “other side” of the ideological conflict. Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguaytogether Costa Rica, Savior Y Guatemala. But maps can be deceiving.

Lately america summit A meeting in Los Angeles had an ambiguous outcome for host Joe Biden, to the point where he was compelled to treat Bolsonaro with disturbing respect to bridge the gap left by Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s asylum due to Cuba’s absence, Nicaragua and Venezuela at the meeting. . In a tone similar to that of Argentina’s Alberto Fernández, Petro criticized exclusions and spoke of regional unity. However, this expression does not imply even the slightest emotional intimacy with the excluded. leader Historical Pact coalition with clear distances. mature however, despite the enthusiastic welcome by the authorities of Havana and Managua to the electoral innovation in Colombia.

this ex guerrilla and her running mate Francia Marquez seems to empathize more with him Chile Gabriel Boric. this young Chilean president So far, it has been he who has most emphasized the democratic deficits on the island, in Venezuela and Nicaragua, in the face of the silence of the others. But perhaps the greatest rapprochement with Petro stems not only from the need to respond to social problems and the role of the State. this environmental problem It is a point of particular importance for both.

a pending discussion

Petro’s electoral victory party has become an interesting platform to discuss with future colleagues. The president-elect urged “Latin American progressives” to discuss how they would face a future threatened by the United States. climate change. Oil represents about 10% of revenue in Colombia. But it is imperative for the Petro to “stop thinking about social justice and redistribution based on high oil and gas prices.” unsustainable for human existence“. A message that clearly points out Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and BrazilIf Lula wins, some of the development hopes hydrocarbons or in monocultureespecially soywhich degrades land and promotes deforestation, and also common livestock.

“I propose to build the future around agrarian and agrarian reforms and agribusiness and leverage knowledge.” What is needed, said Peter, ” a non-deductive Latin AmericaOddly enough, these words went unnoticed. Strictly speaking, more attention was paid to the call for the United States to cooperate with the region in the march of many towards an energy transition without a horizon.

chilean mirror

puts in the boric case petro We are faced with a dilemma common to other presidents: the limits to implementing electoral programs. Boric’s popularity plummeted, partly due to a dirty social media campaign and partly due to high expectations he just couldn’t live up to. Today’s clap can be tomorrow’s clap. At this point, the possibility of rejection of the new Constitution is certain. referendum September 4 will be a serious setback for the left government. just as Chilean businessmen, Colombian business people A few hours after the elections, they began to imply that Peter’s plan was unrealizable. Fernandez, a Argentina 40% of the poor, as in Colombia, had also tasted the cure for the same impossibility, aggravated by the heavy foreign debt and the agreement with the USA. International Monetary Fund (IMF). Polls believe the right will win again in 2023, and however, if the forecast is met, the regional political map will change again at one of its nodes.

If progressivism shares anything in general, it is Opens to trade with China. In the first three months of 2021, trade increased 45.5% to $331,880 million. That’s Washington’s main concern, not the occasional garish ripple to the extreme left.

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