They’re investigating a Chinese factory for putting a dummy as a “fire watchman”.

this Chinese authorities opened one inquiry to the factory from east china city Nantong who put mannequin in chief of fire prevention controlThis Tuesday, the Hong Kong newspaper reported the South China Morning Post.

this The Municipal Fire Department sent a group of agents to the factoryDetermined to carry out his oversight duty, he did not blink, after receiving a tip-off about the true identity of the new, immovable, and silent head of the facilities’ fire department, whose identity has not been revealed.

According to security camera footage, The mannequin was placed on the podium and dressed in a full blue uniform and a mask – including its associated emblem.

this regulations require that this position is always occupied by a human operatorwhich receives alarm signals from the factory and needs to react quickly to any emergency.

State newspaper Beijing Youth Daily interviewed the factory manager, who excused himself by saying this. They did not have enough staff to fill this position.

“We had no choice, so we came up with this bad idea. We’ll fix the problem and promise it won’t happen again,” he said.

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