Blows, bites and fierce battle with cops of injured police after a noise warning in Cartagena

At least Five people were arrested in the balance of the pitched battle According to police sources, an incident that took place in the city of Cartagena last night explains that it all started because some people contracted the virus. very loud music He asked them to drop it. A noise warning that turns violent.

From then on, before the presence of the police, those present reacted aggressively: screaming, hitting, punching, running, officers on the ground and police cars attacked as seen videos Neighbors and eyewitnesses recorded the incident. The events took place in the Nueva Cartagena area, specifically the area known as the ‘red circles’.

Police patrols were mobilized upon notice. local police Y National in port city. Several police officers attending the meeting were exposed to the effects of objects thrown by those involved. objects Eyewitnesses say it hit their bulletproof vest.

Some of the cops attacked bites by those who participated in the pitched battle. ended with the episode Many officers were injuredFortunately, none of their lives are in danger.

Neighbors, of Nueva Cartagena street not in a troubled neighborhoodalthough there is an area in the aforementioned ‘red circles’, especially in Urbanización Mediterráneo where there are people in trouble.

Police are looking for more people, most of whom were involved in the fights. they dedicated themselves to burning the pots. They keep track of who is among them. attacked the officer with a helmet. Container fires have created alarm among neighbors. The first two to burn, as detailed by 112, were precisely in the Mediterraneo Urbanization, the epicenter of the violence.

Police sources assured that they had to go. troops from other counties because of its support, media scarcityPeople and equipment owned by the Cartagena Police.

Of those arrested, only one remained at police facilities this Tuesday: the rest were arrested. minors stale.

Source: Informacion


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