Petro’s rise to power bury the dominance of the elite in Colombia

Nothing will ever be the same in Colombia. In order for the left to reach the Government through voting, they had to half-observe 203 years of republican life, more than half a century of internal conflict and a five-year peace agreement. Gustavo Petro, a former member of the M-19, a guerrilla group with tragic tendencies, won 700,000 votes from businessman Rodolfo Hernández in an election with an unprecedented turnout at a desperate country level: 58% of the electoral roll. Petro chanted the word “change” like a mantra during the election campaign and on Sunday night. Strictly speaking, it was the collapse of the Government and the party system that governed State affairs.

The impact of the Historic Pact’s victory was felt in every corner of a region where 40% of the poor live. “After that several decades of stigma To all the rest, to the point of destroying an entire political party because of their way of thinking, Colombia for the first time and convincingly elected a president of this ideological trend yesterday,” he said. audience in your editorial. The rise to power of the charismatic Francia Márquez, the former mayor and vice-president of the capital, also represents “the fulfillment of one of the promises of a country that dreams of peace.” In this sense, “a The resounding rejection of the Ivan Duque Government. The question now is how do we heal so many open wounds together.”

Passage empty chair thought the victory of the left was “buried” any justification for political violence and strengthens democracy.” Peter seemed to share that logic. Without the peace treaty, the conditions for its success could not have been created. FARC They dissolved it and formed the now unrelated political party, the Comunes. The abandonment of weapons drove them away from the scene. The social epidemics of 2019 and 2021 could no longer be associated with this dissolved guerrilla. His last boss and current Commons leader, Rodrigo London, alias Timochenko, welcomed the election result. “Now the time has come for the great national pact, not the elite pact as we are used to. This new pact must be with everyone.” But the violence remains one of Colombia’s greatest dramas: dozens of social leaders and former rebels have been killed this year who laid down their arms. In response, drug trafficking activity is growing and the FARC has a small sector reverting to its old ways.

end of Uribe

The heart of business was in Hernández, but it didn’t take long for him to greet Petro. Bruce Mac Master, president of the National Association of Industrialists (Andi), told him on behalf of employers that he is willing to cooperate with the Government, which will take office on 7 August. “This will be everybody’s duty, but especially the president, to build bridges“.

for the magazine Change With the end of Álvaro Uribe’s political rule, a new era begins. He remained in power between 2002-2010 and was decisive in the elections. Juan Manuel SantosHe later severed ties when the former defense minister began negotiating with the FARC. Uribe’s finger pointed at Duque as the guarantor of an expiring project. Between irony and acknowledging that nothing is the same anymore, the former president said, “To defend democracy, it must be obeyed. Gustavo Petro President. Let us be guided by a sentiment: First Colombia.” “Let’s reconcile this nationwithout fear,” replied Francia Márquez, reaching out to the man she hated. Another heroine of Colombia’s moment. “no one”Invited to “live deliciously”.

Newspaper Time In this sense, Elektro underlined the first words of the president: “Change is not for revengeNor build more hatred”. Now is the time for kind words. Petro has already said that social liberation will be a complicated road. In turn, reminding his empathy and detachment for Latin American progressivism, extractivist wayhydrocarbons in particular are suicidal for the region. That’s why he asked Colombia’s strategic ally, the United States, to help the region go through the energy transition.

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