Spain will become the second EU country to receive the most European funds by 2027

Spain is the second most beneficiary country in absolute terms. European Union funds (EU) 2021-27 is equipped with 1.2 trillion euros, of which 177,000 million, or about 15% of 2021 GDP, according to an analysis by Scope Ratings monitor, country and sector ratings director, Alvise Lennkh-Yunus .

In this way, Spain, Italy, France and Poland accounted for about half of the 1.2 billion euros redistributed to national governments by the European Union in the period 2021-27, rescue, adaptation and agriculture fundsRepresenting 8.5% of the EU-27’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), .

In general terms, the union is about 1.2 trillion € In the 2021-27 period, through cohesion funds equipped with 387,000 million Euros; agricultural policy funds with 261,000 million; Resources from the previous 2014-20 budget of 255,000 million that could be used up to 2023 and €332,000 million from the EU Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the Next Generation Plan (NGEU).

However, Alvise Lennkh-Yunus pointed out that not all EU Member States will benefit equally from them. financing tools.

Therefore, Italy is the largest beneficiary in absolute terms, with €185 million. EU loan of 123 billion Euros, followed by Spain (177 billion), Poland (165 billion), France (123 billion), Romania (81 billion) and Germany (77 billion).

In this way, Spain will receive about 15% of its 2021 GDP in the 2021-2027 period, while Italy will receive 10% for France and 2% for Germany, versus 10%. In the case of other countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia, Greece, Romania and Hungary they will receive 30 to 45% of their GDP.

However, each instrument benefits a different country, so harmony funds more benefits Polandfollowed by 79.000 million euros Italy (43,000 million Euros), Spain (36,000 million Euros) and Romania (32,000 million Euros).

On the contrary, Common Agricultural Policy France remains the top beneficiary with 46,000 million euros, followed by Spain and Germany (both 31,000 million), Italy (27,000 million) and Poland (22,000 million).

On the whole, seven member states Around 70% of these EU funds are allocated by Italy, Spain and Poland with 13% to 15%, followed by France (10%), Romania (6.5%), Germany (6.3%) and Greece ( 5%), while the other 20 Member States together receive around 30% of these funds, not including Support for Emergency Unemployment Risks Mitigation (SURE) loans and Next Generation European loans. Union (NGEU).

SURE Loans

this SURE loansThe temporary vehicle to finance employment-related programs during the Covid-19 crisis mainly benefited Italy, where 27 billion was received and is expected to receive 123 billion loans from the EUE, while Spain received 21 billion and Poland 11,000 million.

when it comes NGEU loans, other countries have made the minimum demand so far. Apart from Italy, there is Romania with 14.9 billion euros; Greece with 12.7 billion and Poland with 11.5 billion.

Although all these loans have to be repaid, countries enjoy lower interest rates, which has saved about 3.8 billion euros for Italy, 1.6 billion euros for Spain, 900 million euros and 500 million euros for Romania, according to the European Commission. . Euro for Greece.

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