Ministry of Finance ensures electronic recording and exchange of bank information

this The Ministry of Finance activated electronic processing, modification and cancellation of registration of bank information to reduce paper usage and streamline processes. For this purpose, the General Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies (DGTİC) has introduced a new telematics procedure that will benefit both real and legal persons financially related to Generalitat.

Arcadi Spain, the Spanish Minister of Finance, stated that the aim is “to facilitate the daily life of citizens and all these organizations or third parties economically related to the Valencian Administration, Getting paid from Generalitat”.

“Bank data entered with this measure, they become the responsibility of the person introducing themso there will no longer be a need to require the bank’s proof of ownership, reducing travel, simplifying the process and eliminating the paper applications that Generalitat’s General Intervention has to authorize later,” explained the minister.

According to José Manuel García Duarte, director general of ICT, “the relationship with third parties is greatly simplified because it is only necessary to have a digital certificate to carry out the telematics procedure, thus any person or company can do this from home or office, either to receive grants or scholarships and only once, as these data will be used for the entire relationship with the Valencian Administration and can be consulted in the citizens folder”.

national accounts only

Bank information registered with this new procedure, available in the electronic center of Generalitat, can only refer to encrypted bank accounts. IBAN is defined with Spain as the country of origin. Otherwise, the procedure should be done in the conventional way, non-automatically.

Also, certain collective The use of electronic procedure will be mandatory, such as legal entities, unincorporated entities, professionals, representatives of obliged persons or entities and personnel in the service of entities integrated into Generalitat’s accounting system.

The rest can at any time choose the automatic or non-automatic communication channel to communicate the registration, modification and revocation of their data. The chosen tool can be changed by the person concerned at any time and carried out by an authorized official, provided that the person concerned introduces himself and gives his express consent for this action.

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