Which occupations have the most vacancies in Spain?

What is missing most in the Spanish labor market is waiters. although the industry hostel recently shouted loudly for the lack of professionals in its union, which is in full reactivation after covid, most other sectors. job postings vacancies It accumulates in Spain. This is the result of the report presented this Monday by human resources consultancy and ETT Adecco, which shows that the profiles companies are most looking for today. Management, operators Y advertisement. These three categories collect more than two out of 10 currently unfilled job offers across Spain, and although they are the most requested by companies, this is not always synonymous with good. working conditions for workers.

According to the latest data updated by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), some 133,988 vacancies, a record number according to current statistics and increased by 22% compared to the end of the previous year. And this Monday, Adecco presented a survey of 27,870 companies to identify which industries these open positions are in and which profiles are the most difficult to cover.

Returning to the example of waiters, they are neither the ones who accumulate the most vacancies nor are they the hardest profiles for companies to obtain, according to ETT. From the total number of positions offered at the state level during January-May 2022″Administrative and administrative assistant” is the category with the highest percentage of bids. Specifically, it accumulates 8.8% of the total compared to 1.8% for waiters.

Most wanted, but not highest paid

Just because administrative management is most in demand does not mean it is the best paid or offers the best salaries, hours or benefits. Part of the proliferation of vacancies in this field is explained by the poor quality of positions offered by companies that rely on the Generalitat de Catalunya’s tool to weigh the demand and conditions of occupations. According to his data, at the recruiting level, an administrative officer records one point. 9.2 out of 10, that is, perfect; but the grade at the level of quality of conditions 4.5 out of 10ie suspension.

While they may not offer the best salaries or the best hours, management is not one of the most difficult positions to fill. According to the Adecco report, companies say it is difficult to find suitable profiles for these positions in only 5.3% of cases; Compared to 19.6% recorded by transport and storage, the profession with the most difficult to cover. With regard to freight transport workers and unloaders, this difficult coverage is explained by the low quality of their conditions. It scores 2.6 out of 10 in the Generalitat index.

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