Cryptocurrencies recover more than 10% after a black weekend

this cryptocurrencies better known, bitcoin and ethereum, sign up this Monday over 10% revaluations after a black weekendThey fell to $17,700 and $904 (16,800 and 855 euros), respectively.

Special, Bitcoin was trading at $20,506 at 10:45 am. (19,497 euro) after rising 11.69%, Ethereum is up 16%Up to $1,123 (1,067 euro).

At the same time, Cryptocurrency market increased 8.83%According to the coinmarketcap website.

These assets have been trading since November last year after a bullish rally that drove them to record highs and have lost 57% and 70% respectively so far this year.

Benjamin Dean, director of digital assets at WisdomTree, said on Thursday: this market is in a “crypto winter”, however, the ‘venture capital’ that continues to be allocated to such an asset is unprecedented.

“On the one hand, macro painting couldn’t be more pessimistic than this. On the other hand, there have never been as many fully funded digital asset projects as there are now. This trend will likely expand between twelve and eighteen months. Whoever manages to find business models that generate revenue and users will create the next wave of opportunity in the digital asset space. However, there will be many victims along the way.”

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