British Prime Minister promised to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in 120 days

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every 120 days as part of Ukraine’s support. This has been reported National.

Mr Johnson has issued a four-point policy for military assistance, including enabling Ukraine to “get weapons, equipment, ammunition and training faster than the enemy”, providing “ongoing funding and technical assistance”, and developing alternative land routes to overcome this threat. devised a plan. Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports. The prime minister also said that the UK will aim to work with the allies to raise 10,000 troops every 120 days to support Ukraine.

At the same time, by 2025, the size of the regular army of Great Britain will be reduced from 82 thousand to 72.5 thousand, which has been the minimum size of the country’s armed forces since 1714. Downing Street is betting on “better technology.”

Before Johnson warned alliesHe said that the conflict in Ukraine will last for several years. The British prime minister said that “Kiev’s foreign supporters” must “keep their cool at all costs” to ensure that “the valiant Ukraine” has “the strategic resilience to help it survive and ultimately win”.

The British prime minister made a surprise visit to Kiev on 17 June, the day after the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania arrived in the Ukrainian capital to bolster the country’s EU hopes. During the visit, Johnson presented an expanded military training program to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Source: Gazeta


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