Media: Iran learned to destroy American aircraft carriers

American analytical publication “1945” He claims that Iran has the capacity to neutralize and sink American aircraft carriers. This is stated in a publication by Maya Karlin, an analyst at the Center for Security Policy and a former researcher at Israel’s Reichman University.

“As the IRGC has intensified its efforts to expand and improve its arsenal in recent years, Iran’s growing capabilities pose a greater threat to its enemies, including America,” said Karlin.

He said Iran’s Kilo-class submarines are equipped with torpedoes that can seriously damage the structure of an aircraft carrier. The analyst also said that Iran has finally been able to develop longer-range ballistic missiles that can hit US targets.

He reminded that in 2015, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the USS Harry S. Truman, fired missiles at their relatives while passing through the Strait of Hormuz. Also in 2019, the Iranian Navy openly attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, “showing that the regime has the ability and willingness to escalate the conflict”.

“Although the US defense is better in every way, the possibility of Iran successfully destroying a US Navy aircraft carrier is not excluded,” Carlin concludes.

Previously reportedChina launched its third national aircraft carrier “Fujian”, named after the country’s eastern province. The launch took place with the sound of the Chinese anthem, in accordance with current traditions.

During the construction of the “Fujian” aircraft carrier with a displacement of 80 thousand tons, only Chinese technologies were used. It is expected to go to sea trials in the near future.

Source: Gazeta


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