Doctor lists stroke risk factors women should know, reports Brown University: migraines are associated with increased risk of stroke in women 11:39

Hypertension, high blood sugar and migraine are important determinants of stroke risk in women, said Tracy Madsen, an emergency physician and epidemiologist at Brown University in the US. In this respect reports Brown University.

Madsen noted that he has participated in more than 35 research projects focusing on stroke treatment and risk factors in women. The likelihood of acute disruption of blood flow to the brain varies throughout life, she said. The risk of stroke increases during pregnancy, as well as during menopause and postmenopause. Additionally, older women are most susceptible to major strokes.

The doctor explained that the most common risk factors for stroke in women are high blood pressure and excess blood sugar. A 2019 study by Madsen and others found that women with high blood pressure were more likely to have a serious stroke than men with high blood pressure. Diabetes is also a great danger for women.

Another determinant of stroke is migraine. According to the doctor, the condition called migraine with aura is associated with an increased risk of this condition. This is a form of primary headache, characterized by the appearance of visual disturbances – the appearance of light flashes in front of the eyes and loss of visual field (the appearance of blind spots).

Previous scientists warned about the negative consequences of fluctuations in blood pressure.

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