‘Masterchef’ visits Ciudad Rodrigo and Rebbe continues his wedding in ‘My big gypsy wedding’

TVE 1 is broadcasting a new ‘Masterchef’ program at 10:10 PM. Durian, herring paste, Cabrales cheese or asafoetida are some of the most smelly foods in the world and are the foods applicants will work with in their first fight. Additionally, Boris Izaguirre, who applied for the third edition of Masterchef Celebrity, is responsible for their distribution. Later, Ciudad Rodrigo in Salamanca witnesses the team test where participants have to cook for 60 residents. Finally, black aprons should reproduce the dishes of chefs Martín Berasategui, who has 12 Repsol Suns, Dani García, who has four Repsol Suns, Iván Cerdeño, who has three Repsol Suns, and Rafa Zafra, who has five Repsol Suns.

Telecinco is presenting a new ‘Disappeared’ episode starting at 11 PM. The case of Sonia’s husband Mikel Solsona, who went missing in Somalia three years ago while collaborating with an NGO, takes an unexpected turn when Rodrigo’s CNI liaison Ingrid tells him the Nigerian doctor’s testimony is unreliable. According to her sources, it is highly likely that Inspector Ledesma’s husband is still alive. On the other hand, after a bitter argument over her cell phone use, a teenager, Nadia, gets out of her mother’s car and disappears shortly after on a secluded industrial estate, a case that Group 2 troops will investigate. , the unit will try to clear up another case: Leire’s husband, who had suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night, while they were both celebrating their wedding anniversary at a luxury hotel. Chief Inspector Santiago Abad is desperately trying to maintain his relationship with his son, Gaspar. Meanwhile, the open battle between Ricky and his gang against Carmen Fuentes intensifies with each passing day. Not content with the restraining order issued against him, the troublesome teenager tries to ruin his job.

Antena 3 will continue to bet on ‘Inocentes’ from 10:45 PM. Hikmet’s carelessness will almost result in disaster for Safiye. In addition, the nightmare that Safiye and Gülben have been afraid of for years comes true when the residents of the apartment learn about the apartment. In parallel, Han’s actions cause Ceylan to look at him from a different angle.

Cuatro airs the new episode of ‘My wonderful gypsy wedding’ at 10:45 PM. Madrid and Plasencia are the settings where Jiménez’s adventures take place in his final and definitive television adventures: Rebeca says she’s married and doesn’t have much room for maneuver. She finally reconciled with her son’s father, José, in just three weeks. As it falls from the sky, Las Amiras emerges, unique and colorful wedding planners who help prepare an unforgettable wedding. The challenges aren’t just related to a lack of time, however: One of the most tense moments comes when her boyfriend and future father-in-law, Dani, are reunited.

laSexta airs ‘Night of Vengeance’ at 10:30 PM. Vincent Downs is an agent who finds himself in the middle of a network of corrupt police meddling in the control of a casino. When a heist goes wrong, a group of criminals kidnaps Vincent’s teenage son. In just one night, she must save her son, escape an internal police investigation, and bring the kidnappers to justice.

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