In the Crimea, the “illegal” car service will be demolished, they refused to serve a military truck with the letter Z

According to the news of RIA Novosti, the head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov said that the gas station in the Krasnogvardeisky district of Crimea will be demolished. Previously, the scandal was caused by the refusal of employees of the service station to service the truck with the letter Z of the RF Armed Forces.

“The problem with the gas station owner who refused to help our soldiers is over. After checking, the car service turned out to be an illegal construction, ”the spokesman for the regional parliament said.

According to Konstantinov, the owner must demolish the service station within 14 working days, otherwise the administration of the rural settlement where the station is located will file a lawsuit.

The parliamentarian suggested that the owner of the car service “loves Ukraine” and therefore “must develop his business there”.

“Right, the big question is whether they’re going to wait for him there with open arms. On the contrary, they will take him under white hands and send him into a trench to defend the mirage of the Ukrainian state, ”Added Konstantinov.

“He enjoys the benefits of a citizen of great power – let him live by the law. He may not like our strength – you are not forced to be kind. But you must respect him. Throughout Russia, it is better to let it not happen any more. And I don’t advise others that way,” he concluded.

A week ago, the newspaper Argumenty Nedeli Krym published a video showing a military KamAZ with the letter Z – one of the unofficial symbols of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The car in the video is standing next to a service station with passenger cars in boxes. Behind the scenes, a male voice says that he and a colleague came to a tire shop to fix a tire. However, service station workers dismissed them, allegedly saying they were “not helping the army.” At the same time, the soldiers could not get service in a car service, even for money.

The owner of the service, Vilen Seitosmanov, described the incident as a misunderstanding. According to him, the employees of the service station and he himself repeatedly helped the Russian army.

“Since February, we have repeatedly helped the army of the Russian Federation. June 11, at 11 pm, the guys came and they wanted to make a wheel for them, but technically there is no equipment for it, as my service was not ready for it, we had to refuse them. There were no rude answers, nothing of the sort. I only have passenger tire service, ”said Seitosmanov.

The entrepreneur also showcased his tire changer and truck wheel – according to him, a large truck tire will not fit in the cabin.

“Even if two people push him there, they will not push him there. My family and I support the special operation and we have nothing against it. We are ready to provide assistance to the army of the Russian Federation, but again, it is in our hands,” Seitosmanov summarized.

At the same time, the spokesman of the Crimean parliament Konstantinov said that earlier the army refused to vulcanize the tire “at the behest of its owner, apparently a supporter of the Nazi regime in Ukraine. ” The deputy also said that the republican authorities will deal with this situation and the “defendant” “to the last screw, to the last nut”.

The cafe refused to enlist

A similar “misunderstanding” took place in the Oryol region in April. Cafe “On Prival” was accused of refusing to serve the Russian army, which passed through the area for resettlement. It was claimed that the reason for the refusal was the inappropriate appearance of the soldiers. The agency itself denied this information and labeled it “fake,” the newspaper reported. “Oryol news”.

Information about the refusal initially appeared on social networks and gathered quite a lot of angry comments from Oryol residents.

“We have decided to comment on the sensational situation where RK Na Prival allegedly refused to serve in the military. It is a completely fictional story published to defame our name. And many bloggers decided to get cheap likes! The administration carried out an internal audit with a questionnaire for the personnel of the institution! This is utter nonsense, this did not happen and cannot happen! Besides, Our institution joined in de facto support, not words, in organizing aid for the army, stopping to rest on the march, as some have done! It’s a SHAME to those who decide to ‘go for it’!” the cafe’s management replied.

At the same time, the governor of the Oryol region, Andrei Klychkov, confirmed the information that the cafe “On Prival” refused to feed Russian military personnel transported from Ukraine through the Oryol region. oreltimes.

“Truth. I know. It’s embarrassing for people like them… We’re going to draw conclusions,” he wrote.

The Crimean authorities announced their intention to demolish the gas station, whose employee previously refused to serve the military KamAZ with the letter Z. According to the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, as a result of the inspection it was revealed that the car service was built illegally. He also suggested that the owner of the service station “loves Ukraine”. According to the owner of the service, Vilen Seitosmanov, he does not have the tire fitting equipment to repair truck tires and is ready to help the Russian army whenever possible.

Source: Gazeta


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