Scientists: Kidney donors have lower overall fracture risk than general public JAMA: Kidney donation increases risk of spinal fracture 11 p.m.

A 25-year study of kidney donors found that they were less likely to experience bone fractures than the general public, but more likely to have spinal fractures. Results are published on: JAMA Network Open.

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester compared the fracture risk between 2,132 living kidney donors and 2,014 healthy donors of the same age. The average follow-up period was 24.2 years for donors and 27.6 years for non-donors. Just under 60% of patients in both groups were women, and the average age of participants at the end of the study was almost 70.

The analysis showed that the overall incidence of fractures among living kidney donors was significantly lower than in other people. However, spinal fractures were more common in organ donors.

Scientists believe that due to a decrease in kidney mass, donors experience long-term hyperparathyroidism, that is, an increase in the level of parathyroid hormone in the parathyroid glands. This leads to thinning of the bones and may predispose kidney donors to vertebral fractures as well as loss of cancellous bone.

Previously, scientists used antibiotics restored jaw and hip bones in old mice.

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