Digital sale of Spanish real estate is in high demand in the Scandinavian market

Our beach has as many attractions as Scandinavians could ask for. buy property, either as a second residence or to settle permanently. So much so that demand is increasing, especially Scandinavian marketI am looking for sunny houses and apartments on the beach with a terrace, swimming pool, close to the sea, with a view… «It can be said that we are in a very good time to sell.. If the home meets the client’s requirements, it can pay a good price, although it should be within market values. You can get a mortgage with very low interest rates and very good conditions,” he says. Andrew’s CampsOffice manager of Fastighetsbyran firm in Denia and responsible for Marina Alta.

In addition, among the prominent advantages of the Swedish real estate firm Fastighetsbyran when selling your house are the conveniences it offers to its customers, from the first visit to the formalization of the sale. period PandemicWith the constraints that come with it, Selling real estate to foreign clients has become a really complex business. However, Fastighetsbyran adapted to the situation by fulfilling certain conditions. digital tools that they were already using before the pandemic, such as digital visits, and that they increased it to show the houses to their customers. “We use the best digital media to provide an excellent service. online presentation with professional photos, 360 videos, virtual tour … All this helps us find the ideal home for every family and without having to travel”, explains Andreu Camps.

They also have a digital signature system. allows you to sign contracts remotely and securely. “All of this makes our job easier on a daily basis and above all, we have been able to continue to deliver quality work and make life easier for our customers during the pandemic.” And to be exact, one of the priorities of the Swedish company is to make a quality sale. streamline the customer purchasing processThanks to its team, it always advises you with transparency and professionalism so that you feel safe and calm. qualified professionalswho do an excellent job and are responsible for accompanying the client from the moment of signing until the keys to your new house are delivered.

Martin PoschRegional manager of Fastighetsbyran and head office in Alicante responsible for Spain and Portugal, explains the importance of always being on the front line When it comes to the development of new technologies, such as the digitalization process that the company started developing in 2017 to encourage remote buying and selling. “First we only think about avoiding unnecessary air travel for our customersBut with the arrival of the pandemic and its restrictions on mobility, the use of digitization has really taken off in our company.”

New opening in Dénia

Fastighetsbyran opened a new office in Denia to better serve its customers in Marina Alta. David’s Revenge

Fastighetsbyran opened a new office in Dénia, located at Calle Diana 9, in order to better serve its customers in the Marina Alta area. high demand for real estate. And Dénia, the capital of Marina Alta, brings together great attractions for European tourists in general and Scandinavian tourists in particular. Wonderful beaches and coves, rich and diverse gastronomy and entertainment opportunities, Dénia is an ideal place to live or vacation.

«We saw great potential in Dénia, not only because of the center or the old town (where our office is located), but also because of the wide coastline that stretches all the way to Oliva, Gandia, Cullera, Les Marinas and Les Deveses… all Close to Valencia and all its services. In addition, Dénia has a large port and with it Travel to the islands of Ibiza, Formentera or Mallorca», says the office manager in Dénia.


Swedish company has electric vehicles that will contribute to sustainability David’s Revenge

Fastighetsbyran, whose Alicante office broke sales records in 10 of the last 12 months, has an environmentalist philosophy besides pampering and caring for its customers. Swedish company to contribute to sustainability, electric vehiclesthey point out from the company that “protecting the environment and this paradise we live in is very important”. They also care about the environment, because digital signature of documents and sending of proprietary information via digital mediathus avoiding unnecessary travel and the use of paper.

They take sustainability even further, and just as they protect the environment, protect your employees, who periodically takes an anonymous test to analyze their personal situation at the company. They are not self-employed, as all their agents have an employment contract and an employment contract. guaranteed minimum wage. “We always put the economy and interests of our sellers and buyers before our own,” explains Martin Posch.

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