How many boxes of cereal does it take to make a book?

The answer is 8. We can donate a second life to 8 cereal boxes I them one adventure book, e.g. per això, this is very important recycle enough containers of paper and letter containers, because recycling and reuse is possible.

In reality, he is faced with looking for ways and methods. paper recycling process more efficientA specimen resistant to cereal crops.

Also, recycled paper can be an excellent quality material. According to the length of the fibers, pot recycle-se vegades a set of fins! They can only be used for letter and wrapping paper, but can also be filled with recycled paper.

What does the “circular economy of paper” consist of?

Paper is an organic material obtained mainly from cellulose fibers at the edges of trees to make pulp. This cel lulosa dough is made from fusta verge pot or also from recycled paper.

AIRE, the intelligent robot of ECOEMBES, is always ready to solve any doubts that arise about recycling.

L’circular paper economy turn the whip in paper machinery products that are recycled in the newest products. The paper industry uses natural and renewable resources: whips in Spain are grown on local plantations that are constantly renewed.

All the paper and letters used in Spain come from the fields of certain trees to obtain this material. ”

To help you recycle town halls in collaboration with the municipality generalitat Valencian ECOEMBES, pose on public roads blue container.

Blau container has been with our carriers for over 20 years to help us recycle paper and cardboard.

this blue capjust like groc, anyway more than 20 years In operation to Spain. About n’hi ha one for every 215 people.

The good news is that to Spain 80% of residents and citizens are active recyclers that we separate our scraps daily. Això greatly supports the circular economy.

This container will be easy to distinguish and easy to use as it is designed only for: paper letter i exclusively

A very helpful trick twist i compress containers compte d’crease-on them, per estalviar espai in native poalincrease the capacity and ease the transportation ends to the blue container, help mateix temps not overflowing on public roads.

Knowing what needs to be thrown into the Blau container is very simple. Keep coming and seeing!

What is the pot to throw in the Blau pot?

all kinds boxesgrandmothers or menus d’aliments, calçat, frozen products, cereals and biscuits, pizzas, paper embolize, paper d’ús diari and force them to caixes i els embol calls I see that the products you buy via e-commerce and take home do not follow the Containers, they are also deposited diaris, you close them and the papers.

Newspapers and cardboard packages can be put in the blue box in whatever format is suitable.

The most common mistakes to avoid

Who are they? remains inappropriate* What is most common in this container? The most common mistakes tend to occur with both. brick. As Sembla wrote, this container is thought to be the seua destination, but it is NOT there.

Brik should always be left in the groc container as it is not composted by letter.

Because it is composted with three different materials: cardboard, plastic and aluminum, the brig always goes into the grocery container.

Hello, there are other newspapers such as tovallons de cuina. paper bullies He they have to remember both deixalles orgàniques (which sun can be brown cap). The rest bolquers or compresses les.

Unsuitable residues are residues that accumulate in the container and do not interfere and thus hinder recycling tasks.

Curious about the paper and card recycling process

These containers left in the blue container are transferred to the blue container. rescue facilities, It is clean on and destroys foreign materials (paints, plastics, metals…), classified according to paper types and properties, and found in bales dimensions and standards.

Moves one place at a time paper millten is made into rolls of paper nou, which in turn is made into newspapers or caixes de sabates, cereals, hails…

More specifically Vegem-ho:

  1. First of all, since the fibers are separated, they must be dissolved.

  2. Després departs from totes les impures.

  3. The mixture is then centrifuged so that the materials are separated according to their density.

  4. This is key and removes ink amb bambolles d’air.

  5. Finally, it is bleached with hydrogen peroxide or sodium hydrosulfite.

Bernature paper and letter recycling facilities in the Community of Valencia

Bernature paper and letter recycling facilities in the Community of Valencia

Warnings are important

  1. net i gross: semper al blau.

  2. els menus packaging They are just as important as adults.

  3. When you’re away from home remember: don’t put containers in fem paper boxes, Every residue in sufficient container, what would you do to walk one more mica face to face. Or if you’re in the mountains, on the beach, or in d’excursió, I’m the keeper of your own home. It’s the only way they can recycle.

Totes les caixes de pizza, with or without the net, go for the blau container.

Compounds can be a responsible consumer of paper: Redueix-Reutilitza-Recicla

  • If cal is not, do not print documents. Think well.

  • Preferably use digital format rather than paper.

  • Reuse used booklets with due care to rush pages.

  • Write down your assumptions (shopping list, shopping list…) on used paper or a small piece of paper that can be erased.

  • always use recycling paper.

reduce recycle

For more information on how to recycle properly, visit

*Information approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition.

Source: Informacion


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