Ukrainians resist in Azot and refuse to surrender the south

Ukrainian civilians and fighters nitrogen chemical plantin the city SeverodonetskThey are hardly resisting the Russian Army’s bombardment, but for the time being they refuse to surrender or disarm.

“We have offered them (civilians) to be evacuated many times, but they do not want it,” said Serhiy Gaidai, the regional governor. LuganskAccording to the UNIAN agency.

While Moscow accuses Ukrainian troops of using civilians, as in Mariupol, “live shield”Kyiv condemned the new massive bombardments, which made the withdrawal of civilians and soldiers “impossible”.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoiguannounced control over Severodonetsk two weeks ago, but this industrial zone will not be complete until Nitrogen is taken.

resist trouble

The number of Gaidai is estimated at 568. refugee civilians At the facility, including 38 children. These are factory workers, their families and some residents of Severodonetsk who refuse to leave at all costs.

“It’s impossible to go out now. It’s physically possible, but it’s very dangerous because of the constant shooting and shelling. If someone goes out, 99% chance of dying‘ said the official.

At the same time, he denied any parallelism. Azovstalarguing that this is not a large industrial area connected by tunnels, but several underground bunkers separated from each other.

According to local officials, enough of these civilians grocerieshowever, these have not been completed in the last two weeks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Friday that he does not want to turn the conquered cities in Donbas into “a kind of Stalingrad”, while Kyiv accuses Moscow of turning Severodonetsk and its environs into a second Mariupol due to the intensity of the war. bombing.

Pro-Russians accuse the Ukrainian Army of placing mortars at factory entrances. prevent civilians from leaving In the direction of areas controlled by Russian troops.

Russian soldiers and pro-Russian separatist militia launched a special operation a few days ago. “clean” trouble, but they have not yet succeeded in besieging the region from all sides.

Russian advances

After a few days with no major news ahead Severodonetsk“The offensive is progressing successfully,” said Russian General Igor Konashénkov.

In fact, the pro-Russian militias in the diary section “With the support of the Russian Army” They conquered Metiolkine, a town of Severodonetsk.

He also stressed that the enemy troops left some of their positions. LisikanskThe last Ukrainian fortress in Lugansk.

Russian troops continued to practice. scorched earth tactic In the east of the country, in addition to the destruction of several hundred Ukrainian soldiers, with the destruction of a tank repair factory in Kharkov and two Grad multiple launchers in Donetsk.

“All the statements that the Russians control Severodonetsk are false. Yes, to control most but not the whole city,” Gaidai replied.

In addition, he stressed that Russian aviation and artillery did not cease to crush the strategic highway connecting Lisichansk. BakhmutA key route to attack the Sloviansk-Kramatorsk fortified area, but still under Ukrainian control, he explained.

The Russians use Russian-made Orlán-10 drones to correct their artillery fire. Ukrainian General Staff.

Ukraine refuses to surrender the south

After visiting the front lines in the southern regions mycolaiv Y Odessa“The South will not be given to anyone. We will take everything back and the sea will be Ukrainian and safe,” President Volodímir Zelenski said today.

“Russia doesn’t have that many missiles” will want to live We have people,” he said.

Zelensky also touched upon the blockade of some. 70 merchant ships in Ukrainian ports. He assured that only “international mediation” would guarantee safe sea passage, and referred to Russia’s proposals to guarantee a corridor if Kiev cleared the area.

“Ukraine will do everything possible to counter the food crisis created by the Russian war. Asia, Africa and most countries in Europe”.

In this sense, Ukrainian troops made the biggest advance since the Russian Army opened the land corridor between the two countries these days in the south. donbas and the annexed peninsula Crimea between regions Zaporizhia Y herson.

Mayor melitopol (Zaporizhia), Iván Fédorov stressed on Sunday that Ukrainian troops were advancing “more than 10 kilometers” towards this city.

“They’ve also made significant progress and are already on the borders of Kherson. I’m sure the city will be regenerated in the next few weeks. released“, added.

Coup against the Ukrainian command

Russia said it killed more today. 50 Ukrainian officers On Saturday, Kalibr cruise missiles attacked a command center in the Dnipro region in the east of the country.

A meeting was held at the command center with the participation of generals and officers, especially the Ukrainian army. airborne units and troops According to the Russian military report, it operates in the southern regions of Zaporozhia and Mykolaiv.

Also, another attack with Kalibr destroyed a dozen cannons at a factory in Mykolaiv. howitzer The 155-millimeter, in addition to twenty armored vehicles, was recently delivered to Kiev by the United States.

Russian aviation would have destroyed a Ukrainian convoy, among others. 30 tanks and armor At a train station in Dnipro.

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