Police detained four members of a traveling group specializing in home burglaries in Alicante

agents National Police they managed to dismantle a traveling crime group specializing in home burglariesoperating at the national level Alicante. They had come to commit in this field five robberies in only fifteen daysAs reported by police sources on Sunday.

Within the framework of a special device for the prevention of forced robberies in the city of Alicante, units of the police, Provincial Citizens’ Security Brigade they defined two people on public roads, one wearing a large number of wristwatches. However, despite this oddity, what really caught the agents’ attention was that one of these two people had more than 50 predecessors Forcible robberies as alleged perpetrators of crimes of various nature, mostly committed in the home and reported in various provinces of Spain.

The information thus obtained was conveyed to the Alicante Provincial Police Judicial Police Specialization and Violent Crimes Unit, which initiated the incident. investigative investigations into the presence of both people in the city and in the objects they carry. Soon, these investigations bore fruit and found both individuals in various police interventions. Once again, the circumstances surrounding those under investigation raised serious doubts, in this case origin of the large amount of cash someone is carrying, 3,300 euros cash.

Eventually, the agents’ suspicions found their base when they arrived at headquarters. victim of a robbery attempt from the city. had a home surprised two people trying to force the doora, in the end it turned out to be the same people.

This evidence, along with other relevant evidence found, served in adjudicating those responsible for the case. Involvement of those investigated in four other incidents that occurred in Alicante and one incident in the city of Zaragoza on the same daysWhere the Supreme Headquarters of the Aragon National Police is counted on to clarify cooperation. established search and geolocation device on both individualsHe was eventually caught and arrested in a vehicle that witnessed the events in Aragon’s capital, the vehicle the robbers used to flee the scene.

Arrested person arriving in Alicante exactly from Zaragoza, inside the vehicle a large number of tools and tools that are commonly used to force the locks your doors. Given that the vehicle was involved in events in the Aragonese capital as an escape route by the perpetrators, a subsequent extensive technical police visual inspection of the vehicle allowed the agents to locate it. a black backpack with professional locksmith tools attached to the springs with magnets under the vehicle More specific action on locks such as unlocking and master keys to open doors.

Finally, the agents succeeded find and arrest the second person being investigatedis searching his house. There, in addition to other tools similar to those found in the vehicle, a professional locksmith bag Includes a complete set of keys for unlocking with the “impression” methodalso a plastic card for door openingWith the “slip” method, along with other luxury items presumed to be of illegal origin.

As participants of the criminal group, they were also arrested, A woman was investigated as her home was used as a safe house by the owner to hide themselves and locksmith tools, as well as stolen objects, in Alicante and another man who provided them with the vehicle for their journey. The two main studied Colombian national and 34 and 43 years old; one had over 50 records while the other had none. Both have been made available to the Alicante Education Courts. As for the other two people who were arrested, Colombian woman, 31 years old and no previous history and man, Hispanic, 47 years old and they were also released after waiting to be summoned to court after being transferred to the police with a criminal record.

According to police sources, the operation not only served to retrieve stolen items from homes and confiscate private vehicles for forced robbery, but also disperse a traveling crime group In just fifteen days, he had carried out no more than five home burglaries in the city of Alicante alone.

Source: Informacion


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