Morocco and the US carry out the biggest military maneuvers in Africa since Monday

Moroccan and United States (US) armies celebrate the military maneuvers of the ‘African Lion 22’ from this Monday until 30 June. the continent’s largestexercises in different parts of the country and Near Western Sahara.

Approximately 7,500 soldiers from Morocco, the United States and several allied countries will participate in these exercises, which will take place in part. Also in Tunisia, Senegal and Ghanaand Spain will not participate.

In Morocco, the exercises will be held at training sites in Kenitra (north) and Agadir, Tan Tan, Tarudant in the south of the country, and Greir Labouhi, located above the Western Sahara border. maneuvers for the second year in a row.

The selection of training grounds raised many expectations in the previous edition of ‘African Lion 21’. Since these maneuvers took place in December 2020, a few months after then-US President Donald Trump announced his recognition of Morocco, due to the up-to-the-minute uncertainty over whether they would include the Sahara territory for the first time. Sovereignty over the former Spanish colony.

The US Army later announced that the exercises would be held at Greir Labouhi. About fifty kilometers west of the Tindouf camps (in Algerian territory) It is controlled by the Polisario Front.

The US Armed Forces Central Command for Africa (AFRICOM) has announced that the current edition of ‘African Lion22’ will include: Inter-army maneuvers in different land, air and naval operational areasin conjunction with other NRBC (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) risk decontamination operations.

According to experts, ‘African Lion’ maneuvers, Show of force of military cooperation between the USA and Moroccoa country that has approved a roadmap for modernizing army equipment in recent years, with France and the United States as the main suppliers.

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