Fire pushes Zamora to its limits after destroying 25,000 hectares

Fire keeps Zamora on the ropes after an infernal Saturday of wind, heat and the uncontrollable march of flames. fire in your heart Sierra de la Culebraspread towards yesterday tera valley and it put several towns in the region in serious trouble, where the truly dramatic scenes took place. According to official information provided by the Junta de Castilla y León late this Saturday afternoon, 25 thousand hectares have already burnedwhich makes it the most serious fire in the history of the autonomous community.

Despite this, the fire remained on alert level 2 after a day that began in hopes of seeing the flames recede and ended with affected townspeople stepping in to prevent their homes from burning. Returns of evacuees from the area ready The extreme situation at Otero de Bodas was soon overshadowed, and resistance to fire added a significant portion of troops for the province to stop this suffering.

Several soldiers are working on the Zamora fire.

Currently, more than 550 soldiers are fighting against an unpredictable enemy who is on his way all day long despite the best of circumstances and the efforts of professionals from the region. Galicia, Extremadura, Cantabria, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and even Portugal. Efforts were directed from the Sarracín command center to mitigate the consequences of a fire that went out of control on a dramatic afternoon, particularly in the Tera region.

Almost in parallel with this battle, the fire had to spread to the other side of the N-631 highway. renfe To cut the high-speed rail line between Zamora and Orense indefinitely. Services will be suspended until fire control says otherwise. Also, the evolution of the flames has made it impossible to offer an alternative by road, with roads such as the A-52 and other secondary roads being closed where hundreds of passengers have to return to their exit points.

Some of the passengers were consulted this way should the train stop in the capital, Zamora, instead of going to Galicia. Manuel RodriguezThey expressed their disagreement with the decision and requested Renfe for a viable alternative to continue their journey, but eventually had to return to Madrid.


Meanwhile, in towns like Olleros, Junquera, Vega de Tera, Calzadilla or Pumarejo, the fire unleashed all its rage and forced containment efforts to multiply. Its residents joined Villardeciervos, Villanueva de Valrojo, Ferreras de Arriba, Ferreras de Abajo, Codesal, Cional, Flechas and Otero de Bodas as evacuees. Added to that list late at night Litos and Villanueva de las Peras. The total number of people in this situation in the province currently reaches 2,200.

With this panorama, and as more and more troops mobilized to support the destruction efforts, some professionals who expressed their views throughout Saturday acknowledged the harshness of the scenario in which the affected areas were governed. The expected drop in temperatures from today opens a door for hope, but at the moment the facts invite little smiles.

Leon looks hesitant

Even from León, given the course it took in the last hours of Saturday, the possibility of the fire reaching the neighboring province has already been warned. Over the next few hours, aerial and ground media will try to avoid this, with the main focus on not damaging city centers and protecting the homes and businesses of some people who already see their entire natural environment destroyed.

From this point of view, the works carried out for the protection of houses in the last hours are as follows: Villardeciervos, Ferreras de Abajo, Junquera and Olleros de Teraonly where this intervention, and in some cases citizen cooperation itself, has saved some ships and homes from being engulfed in flames.

With regard to the population, solidarity overflowed again this Saturday among those who offered the means to cooperate with the people affected, and especially those who demonstrated through social networks. Through these channels, the Board expressed its point of view, noting that “wind and heat complicate” the conditions in which some professionals work, receiving unanimous applause from the public. different luck ran regional government criticized for its approach to fire prevention work in the community.

In any case, in the Sierra de la Culebra and now the Tera Valley, the balance of damage will be devastating for the historic and residents of the affected communities. The best of scenarios barely make it possible to minimize the destruction caused by a blazing fire. Zamora to the border.

Source: Informacion


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