IMICALI, mediation experience at the service of society

IMICALI – Sanli Bar Association of Alicante (ICALI) Measurement Institute– has been a driving force and pioneer in resolving disputes through non-judicial means such as mediation, almost with his support. ten years of experience. This adds to the signing of various agreements with public and private institutions that ensure the dissemination and consolidation of these media (MAS for its English acronym).

this IMICALI today it has 371 mediators and eight specialties: civil-commercial, family, penitentiary, bankruptcy, traffic, complex organizations, contentious-administrative and labor. In the last decade, intra-judicial mediation was managed through IMICALI, until the recent creation of the Mediation Referral Service (SOM), supported by the Ministry of Justice and subordinate to IMICALI professionals. This vast experience makes IMICALI a expert in finding an efficient, agile and economical response Disputes without the need to go to court.

Procedural Efficiency Law

recently approved Draft Law on the Procedural Efficiency of the Civil Service of Justice It assumes an explicit commitment to MACS with mediation between. The bill argues that mediation is aimed at reducing litigation, while trying, among other tools, to promote citizen participation in the justice system. In addition, in order to alleviate the caseload reaching the courts,The law demands a more efficient and sustainable service.

Various specialized courses are offered through IMICALI.


The consolidation of MACS, and thus mediation, makes continuing education of mediators from institutions like IMICALI more necessary than ever before. In this sense, various specialist courses are offered by the Alicante Bar Association through the mediation institute, such as the Mediation and MACS course in the fields of law, trade and traffic or family and bankruptcy mediation.



Alicante Sanli Bar Association

Telephone: 965 145 180

To access all information about IMICALI, visit websites.

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