Paz Padilla and Mediaset clarify the fundamentals of their agreement for the return of the presenter

Peace Padilla It will be back telecinco Y four Following an agreement with those responsible to prevent Mediaset from being prosecuted for his dismissal. Shortly after the announcement of the agreement between the presenter and the directors, a new statement was published explaining the basis of the joint decision on which he was reinstated.

Last Friday, it was learned that those responsible for the Fuencarral chain decided to agree to return with the Andalusian under the same working conditions with which they have worked so far. He must refrain from seeing himself at a hearing that will take place on the day his return is confirmed.

A few days later, and after doubts arose among the audience and some media outlets, they wanted to explain the basis of their agreement: An agreement was reached between Paz Padilla and Mediaset EspaƱa, both parties clarified the said deal, citing the press release they released on June 10, 2022. does not include payment of any compensation”, they assure the actress after making it clear that no point is included where they have to pay more.

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